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Edge Computing Machine
Distributed low-latency elastic computing resources close to users

Edge Computing Machine (ECM) extends computing power from central nodes to edge nodes close to users to provide low-latency, high-availability, and cost-effective edge computing services. It is billed by actual usage and allows you to adjust the service regions and scales of edge modules based on your business needs, so that you can quickly and flexibly cope with business changes and respond faster to end user requests at lower costs.

Closest Access Points

Edge Computing Machine resources are deployed in edge IDCs close to users to provide low-latency high-bandwidth cloud computing and networking services, which help deliver a better user experience for latency-sensitive businesses.

Cloud-Edge Collaboration

Cloud-Edge collaboration can be implemented between Edge Computing Machine and CVM to enable businesses to make the best of the strengths of center-edge computing collaboration. As businesses evolve, cloud capabilities can be extended to the edge more easily.

High Security and Reliability

Edge Computing Machine instances run in logically isolated VPCs to guarantee the security of your cloud resources. In addition, they are further protected by basic and professional protection services, including Anti-DDoS Basic, CWPP, trojan detection, brute force attack protection, and vulnerability scanning.

Efficient Operating

Edge Computing Machine comes with a full-featured console and TencentCloud APIs, which you can use to manage and manipulate edge modules and instances based on your own operating needs. In addition, it provides cloud monitoring capabilities free or charge for you to collect various monitoring metrics.

Elasticity and Flexibility

Edge Computing Machine is billed by actual usage and supports module/instance adjustment within several minutes, such as creation and return. You can flexibly adjust the module scale at any time based on the fluctuation in your business requests.

Cost Effectiveness

Edge Computing Machine enables you to create and use resources as needed and flexibly adjust the usage according to business fluctuations. In this way, you only need to invest in your business needs, which eliminates high upfront investments and waste of idle resources during business fluctuations and thus greatly reduces capital investments and costs.


Edge Computing Machine deploys audio/video processing capabilities on edge nodes to greatly improve the upstreaming quality in user network connections. In scenarios such as video live streaming, it uses nearby transcoding and delivery to reduce the network latency and central bandwidth costs and effectively improve the user experience.

Edge Computing Machine deploys cloud gaming servers on edge nodes to greatly optimize the gaming experience, reduce the latency in response to player operations, and improve the image definition and smoothness.

In typical cloud-edge collaboration scenarios, cloud services use historical data for model training and load standard models onto edge nodes. You don't need to send real-time data to the central node for processing; instead, you can quickly analyze the data, judge the failure rate, and trigger alarms before any failure occurs with various models on edge nodes.