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Edge Zone

Low-delay, wide-coverage, and low-cost edge cloud computing services


Edge Zone is a local expansion of Tencent Cloud, which is a new form of infrastructure deployment. With Edge Zone, you can provide experiences consistent with those provided by the central nodes closer to users, to offer lower-delay access to users.

Elastic Scaling

Edge Zone resources are purchased as needed, supporting dynamic scaling and requiring 0 capital and labor investment in the early stages.

Low Delay for Terminal Users

Edge Zone covers the main provincial capitals of the entire country, with computing resources located closer to final users to ensure low delay for terminal users.

Completed Services

It supports core products such as Cloud Virtual Machine, Cloud Block Storage, Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Connect Network , Cloud Load Balancer, Tencent Kubernetes Engine, and Tencent Kubernetes Engine for Serverless, implementing cloud-edge integration. In addition, applications can access all services in the parent zone in a fast, secure, and seamless manner.

Diversified Configurations

Edge Zone offers various running environments and computing power specifications. Resources can be controlled flexibly in batches to address different user needs, satisfying the resource needs of your applications.

High Availability

The professional team offers 7*24 on-site maintenance. 99.95% high availability is provided to ensure stable service operation. Hot migration is supported to ensure stable services.

Consistent Experiences

Edge Zone and common availability zones provide completely the same management methods, including but not limited to the official website console, TencentCloud API, and SDK. You can create your application services at the edge zone without any learning processes and modifications.


Games have high requirements for end-to-end interactions. Edge Zone can implement the nearby public network access through local ISP lines and reach the server in the main nodes through Tencent Cloud private network, to effectively reduce delay and improve user experience. In addition, multi-node disaster recovery is achieved on the public network access side, to reduce the public network bandwidth cost.

Edge Zone provides local network services to cover local users through the public network and ensure content transmission efficiency through the Tencent Cloud private network, helping real-time audio and video services to run in a faster and more stable manner.

Edge Zone implements the nearby access of CDN origin-pull through the public network, reducing the public network bandwidth cost. It serves as the edge node for the origin server, to reduce origin-pull traffic, and ensures content transmission efficiency of the central node origin server using the Tencent Cloud private network.

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