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Global Application Acceleration Platform
A stable high-speed network connection between servers and clients

Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) lets your global users gain fast, stable, and secure access to your business with minimal lag and latency. GAAP leverages globally deployed nodes, a global network of high-speed connections, intelligent routing, and attack defense. With an intuitive UI, you can enable access to your business origin server through a high-speed connection in just minutes and view the status of connections directly from the console.

High-Speed Network and Global Acceleration

GAAP has over 50 global nodes and a high-speed connection network to solve issues with network jitter, latency, and access lag and provide efficient access to your business around the globe.

High Stability, Efficiency, and Reliability

A single GAAP connection can sustain up to 10 Gbps bandwidth and provide acceleration for up to one million concurrent requests. In addition, GAAP offers end-to-end health check and disaster recovery capabilities to guarantee stable service operations. It also supports various forwarding and scheduling policies to meet the load balancing needs of different origin servers.

Security Protection

GAAP supports end-to-end encryption and two-way client authentication. It provides basic protection such as IP blocklist/allowlist, integrates the protection capabilities of Anti-DDoS Basic, and allows you to customize advanced protection policies to protect the security of your services.

Fast Access and Rich Features

GAAP allows you to access the acceleration service via IP or domain after a simple configuration. It supports a wide variety of scenarios and features, such as IP-carrying origin-pull, custom headers, user access logs, dedicated BGP network in Hong Kong (China), and access to shared public network acceleration.

Comprehensive Support

GAAP supports many different protocols and scenarios. It uses TCP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS listeners to accelerate requests over the corresponding protocols at the transfer and application layers. It can also be accessed over IPv6 and HTTP3 protocols and supports business origin servers in IDCs, public clouds, and private clouds.

Ops Support and Ease of Use

GAAP provides an SLA and is capable of on-demand upgrade/downgrade with no impact on your business continuity. It collects statistics based on multiple dimensions, including connection, listener, listening domain, and origin server. You can also use connection monitoring to trigger alarms for bandwidth, concurrency, packet loss, latency, and origin server health.

Connection Management

Sets the acceleration region and origin server region.

Sets the upper limit for the connection bandwidth.

Sets the upper limit for the connection concurrence.

Acceleration Proxy (Listener)

Supports protocol forwarding based on the TCP and UDP protocols.

Supports URL forwarding based on HTTP and HTTPS.

Supports three load balancing scheduling policies for origin servers.

Supports origin server health monitoring.

Supports the real-time change of forwarding rules and scaling, which takes effect instantly and does not affect business continuity.

One single listener can be bound to multiple origin servers, and one single connection can be equipped with multiple listeners.

Origin Server Management

Supports adding origin servers via IPs and domain names.

Supports batch adding and managing origin server information.

Data Statistics

Supports collecting statistics on the outbound and inbound bandwidths of the connection.

Supports collecting statistics on the outbound and inbound packets of the connection.

Supports collecting statistics on the latency of the connection.

Supports collecting statistics on the packet loss of the connection.

Supports collecting PPS statistics on the connection.

Connection Monitoring

Supports cloud monitoring access, making it possible to set related thresholds to monitor and set alarms for the connection.

Supports alarms for outbound and inbound bandwidths.

Supports alarms for the number of concurrent connections.

Supports alarms for origin server statuses with exceptions.

Real Client IP Acquisition

Supports real client IP acquisition via the TOA module.

Ensures the IP's effective pass-through to meet businesses' data analytics needs.


Latency and packet loss are often increased due to different network conditions when accessing businesses from different regions, affecting the user experience. However, thanks to GAAP, high-speed network connections can be established between the acceleration region (where the client is located) and the origin server region (where the server is located) to effectively reduce network latency and packet loss, ensuring a fast and stable network connection and ultimately improving the user experience.

Many games are simultaneously accessible to players around the globe or across a large region, which frequently affects the gaming experience or fairness due to network differences across different regions. GAAP supports the use of unified domain names for access in multiple regions, enabling players to access the nearest high-speed connections for simultaneous acceleration among global or regional users and directly improving the gaming experience and fairness.

For team collaboration tools such as OA and CRM systems, it is critical that users can upload and access the files they need, even when cross-border connections become unstable. GAAP lets you create high-speed connections between branches and application systems. This effectively reduces network delay and packet loss to ensure stable user access and file upload.

Cross-border networks often have a high latency and packet loss rate which affect communication between branches and lowers work efficiency. With GAAP, you can create high-speed connections between branches and your HQ. This reduces latency and packet loss and ensures fast, stable network transfers so you can build a highly efficient global office environment.


Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) is pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for what you use. GAAP fees are comprised of basic items and value-added items. Please see the billing documentation for details.