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Global Office Access
Quick and secure access to organizational resources from any network

Global Office Access (GOA) leverages terminal authentication and access control modules as well as network acceleration technologies, including intelligent routing and multiplexing, to build office acceleration networks for enterprises. It features seamless access, efficient connections, reliable terminals and access control to help users collaborate and access enterprise data from any network around the world, securely and rapidly.

Consistent Access Experience from Any Network

GOA allows you to access your organization’s resources from any network worldwide, ensuring a consistent user experience on private and public networks. It ensures secure access to enterprise resources anytime and anywhere, enhancing the collaborative experience in the workplace.

Fast and Reliable Connections

GOA efficiently solves issues such as packet loss and delay in cross-border or cross-network data transmission by using independently developed technologies, such as intelligent routing, protocol optimization, multiplexing, anti-jitter and more.

Trusted Authentication for Security Management

GOA continuously checks the security of devices using authentication methods based on users, identities and applications to restrict access by malicious devices and protect data security.

Multidimensional Access Control

GOA performs multidimensional access control based on identity, behavior and status to safeguard sensitive resources and ensure enterprise data security.

Global Acceleration

GOA provides quick and easy global access to organizational resources and services, anytime and anywhere.

Multidimensional Access Control

Organization employees are granted with permissions using the principle of least privilege, reducing privacy disclosure risks.

Network Privacy Protection

The reverse connection technology hides the organization IP addresses and prevents malicious scanning, eliminating the risk of attacks and ensuring cloud security.

Cloud-based Software Deployment

The software is deployed on Tencent Cloud and no hardware installation is required. OPS and deployment are simple, with elastic scalability supported.

Remote Access to College Resources

International students frequently have to deal with latency and poor user experience when accessing their college resources remotely. GOA-TIA leverages Tencent Cloud’s global network to provide international students with secure and efficient access to college resources online from anywhere and at any time.

Easy to Expand

The traditional office VPN is difficult to manage and scale. GOA adopts the SaaS architecture to provide services in the cloud and allow on-demand scaling.

Manage Multiple Offices

Complex internal management systems are often required to maintain and manage access to organization resources for multiple offices or branches. GOA uses multidimensional user authentication to simplify this process and support secure and convenient organization resource access, and protect sensitive data from disclosure.

Secure and Reliable Mobile/Remote Office Access

Organization employees often use mobile phones, tablets, and other devices to remotely access their organization’s private network systems when they are on the move. Traditional VPN solutions suffer from instability, poor connectivity, and complex user management. In contrast, GOA ensures secure access to organization resources for diverse workplace options such as 5G, remote office, and home office.

Secure Access for Organizations Using SaaS Products

Organizations that purchase SaaS product and migrate their applications to the cloud run a security risk if they use VPN for access as traditional VPN solutions are restricted by network boundaries. In contrast, GOA is deployed on the cloud and provide secure access for these applications.11