tencent cloud

A secure, stable, and efficient mobile DNS service to avoid domain name hijacking and cross-network access problems caused by local DNS

HTTPDNS sends DNS requests to the DNS server of Tencent Cloud over the HTTP(S) protocol. This replaces the traditional method of sending requests to an ISP's local DNS over the DNS protocol, helping to prevent domain name hijacking and cross-network access problems caused by local DNS and eliminate DNS exceptions in mobile internet services.

Internet-Wide DNS

HTTPDNS can resolve domain names from across the internet, including those registered through Tencent Cloud, DNSPod, and any third-party registrars.

Smart Scheduling

HTTPDNS directly gets users' real IP addresses and leverages Tencent Cloud's proprietary IP library and speed test system to route requests to the fastest, most optimal node.

Security and Hijacking Protection

DNS requests are sent directly to the HTTPDNS server, bypassing the ISP's local DNS. HTTPDNS also supports AES/DES/HTTPS encryption methods, making the query process more secure.

Convenient Connection

HTTPDNS can be quickly connected through API and SDK for both iOS and Android.

Accelerated DNS

HTTPDNS can further accelerate the authoritative DNS resolution of domain names hosted in DNSPod.

High Stability and Reliability

HTTPDNS has a minimum service availability of 99.99%, ensuring that the DNS service is highly stable and reliable.

Eliminated ISP Local DNS Exceptions

HTTPDNS replaces the default DNS method of mobile and desktop applications with the HTTP(S) protocol, avoiding network access problems caused by the ISP's local DNS service errors.

Lowered DNS Delay and Hijacking Risk

Currently, HTTPDNS covers more than 400 million users. Connected businesses see a more than 60% reduction in user access failures caused by domain name hijacking and a 22% reduction in access delay on average.

Globally Deployed BGP Anycast Network

HTTPDNS is connected to the BGP Anycast network architecture to establish BGP interconnection with the top 17 Chinese ISPs. This ensures that user requests from ISPs can quickly access the HTTPDNS server. More ISPs are being connected to guarantee a faster service response.


Mobile apps can be rapidly developed based on the SDK and then send DNS requests to the HTTPDNS server over the HTTP or HTTPS protocol for accurate resolution. HTTPDNS supports multiple encryption methods to ensure the security of transferred information. If any exceptions occur, DNS requests can still be sent to the ISP's local DNS over the DNS protocol. For domain names resolved by DNSPod, HTTPDNS can further implement data linkage, so that DNS record changes can take effect in seconds.


HTTPDNS is daily pay-as-you-go by the number of DNS requests. For detailed pricing, see the pricing documentation.