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Tencent Cloud AI Digital Human

Tencent Cloud AI Digital Human is a new generation of multi-modal human-computer interaction system, which can quickly create intelligent, visual and interactive "digital avatars", leading intelligent upgrade of enterprise services, helping transformation of digital intelligence, and improving communication efficiency and services of enterprises.

Product Advantage

5 Image Types 5 image types: 2D real person, 2D cartoon, 3D realism, 3D semi-realism, 3D cartoon

Our Model

√ Realistic effect: high personification of lip shape, expression, posture and motion

√ Customizable and efficient: with 2D image production pipeline, studio recording training, 3-minute video training, and face changing customization are supported; 3D image production pipeline supports photo modeling.

4 Different Enterprise Service Sectors

4 enterprise service sectors: business processing, user operation, marketing and customer acquisition, brand promotion

Our Advantages

√ Implementation scale: business handling scale ranks first in the market

√ Industry cases: covering mutiple industries such as banking, securities, insurance, education, government affairs, media, tourism, operators, and transportation

√ Business scenarios: rich business scenarios and large data accumulation

3 Drive Modes

3 drive modes: text drive, voice drive, monocular camera drive

Our Capablities

√ Variety of timbres: multi-emotional timbre and multi-language are supported

√ High naturalness: high MOS score, no sense of delay, high authenticity, and good voice quality

2 Interaction Types

2 interaction types: broadcast, interaction

Our Capablities

√ Low latency: first frame delay <600ms, multiple POC championships

√ High server concurrency, excellent server performance, high hardware and software configuration specifications

√ AI ability enhancement: comprehensive application of various AI technologies, such as computer vision, to enhance image expression

All-in-one Digital Human Platform

All-in-one digital human platform: the whole process service of operation and management of digital human is supported.

Our Capablities

√ Access method: H5 / Android / iOS

√ Rendering engine: Webgl / Unity / UE

√ Communication protocol: multiple communication protocols are supported, such as RTMP / WebRTC / TRTC

Application Senarios

In media scenarios such as news broadcast, game explanation, and TV guide, Tencent Cloud AI Digital Human can be transformed into a digital anchor to provide users with corresponding services. With fast generation speed and low production costs, digital anchor can improve content output efficiency, reduce labor costs, and create differentiated brand IP with more topic sense and attention for enterprises.

In scenarios that require customer service, Tencent Cloud AI Digital Human can be transformed into a digital customer service and implanted into all-in-one machine with large screen or Web page to provide users with Q&A services. In addition to intelligent voice service, the digital customer service introduces digital image to provide timely reply and create a more friendly and natural customer service experience.

In scenarios that require digital assistants, such playing music, weather query, and chatting, Tencent Cloud AI Digital Human can be transformed into a digital assistant and implanted into IoT hardwares, mobile phone Apps, vehicle devices and other devices to provide users with convenient life service. After being enabled by multi-modal interaction, the voice assistant is transformed into an "all-round" intelligent assistant that can speak and make motions.

In tourist scenarios that require scenic spot guide, scenic spot inquiry and other services, Tencent Cloud AI Digital Human can be transformed into a digital guide and implanted into mobile phone Apps and Wechat mini-programs to provide tourists with scenic spot guide, explanation and other services. It can help tourism brands further expand their influence, provide differentiated services and create sustainable ecological content.

In scenarios that require corporate spokesperson and corporate culture promotion, Tencent Cloud AI Digital Human can create characteristic digital human images with different precision for customers. Model assets can not only be used as digital humans in dialogue, explanation, broadcast and other scenarios, but also provide customers with more rich applications based on model assets.

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