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A stable, efficient, and out-of-the-box HTAP database

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TDSQL-H LibraDB is a distributed HTAP database. With its pluggable engine, powerful data fusion, and cloud-native architecture, you can perform high-load transactions and complex analysis on big data for an integrated product experience.

Out-of-the-Box Service

TDSQL-H LibraDB is developed based on the ever-evolving TencentDB management system. You can create a production-grade TDSQL-H LibraDB instance in just a few steps to improve your business capabilities, without the need for installation, deployment, and Ops.

Elastic Scaling

The well-designed distributed architecture allows you to scale both horizontally and vertically, and smart data rebalancing helps your clusters remain healthy after scaling. It also utilizes compressed data storage and hot/cold data tiering to reduce overall costs.

High Flexibility and Efficiency

The pluggable design allows you to seamlessly integrate it with your existing OLTP service to leverage HTAP capabilities. Through the CDC high-speed link, data can be stably, securely, and efficiently synced in real time between the OLTP service and the analysis engine.

Fast Analysis

TDSQL-H LibraDB's analysis engine can complete process query and analysis on petabytes of data with an ultra low latency. This enables your business system to quickly extract useful information from massive amounts of data and delivers a first-class experience to your users.

Comprehensive Monitoring

From transaction and analysis to data link and storage, TDSQL-H LibraDB comes with a selection of core metrics that help you easily stay up to date with the health status of your instances and effectively optimize your business system usage. You can also customize threshold-based alarms to prevent potential threats.

High Stability and Reliability

The cloud-native architecture guarantees service stability as well as data security and reliability by leveraging stateless computing and multi-replica storage. It also features secure network linkage and isolation capabilities based on Tencent Cloud's powerful network system.


For businesses that rely on rapidly changing real-time data and massive historical data, capturing key information quickly while maintaining high concurrency and throughput is a huge challenge. TDSQL-H LibraDB combines transactional and analytical processing capabilities, allowing you to tackle complex data workloads with ease. You can also filter out key information quickly with BI and other data analysis methods to help you make better, faster business decisions.

TDSQL-H LibraDB can query petabytes of data online for funnel analysis, retention analysis, and path analysis. This allows you to create user profiling and fine-tune your business operations, helping your products stand out from competitors.