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Media Processing Service
An intelligent, powerful, and versatile multimedia data processing service

Tencent Cloud Media Processing Service (MPS) is a cloud-based multimedia transcoding and processing service. It can handle vast amounts of multimedia data. MPS performs adaptive transcoding on demand for audio and video files. You can flexibly adjust bitrates and resolutions of multimedia data, making them suitable for OTT services or playback on PC and mobile devices. MPS also offers video processing services such as watermarking, screencapturing, intelligent cover generating, and intelligent editing.

Professional Reliability

MPS handles all mainstream video formats, H.264 and H.265 coding, and features such as splicing and remuxing. It can transcode and process videos of different bitrates with speed, providing you with professional and reliable media transcoding services.

High Customizability

MPS provides highly customizable media transcoding templates that support user-defined transcoding parameters. Custom watermarks can be added to output videos, helping you meet diverse video processing requirements.

Efficiency and Stability

MPS has an ultra-large distributed transcoding cluster that supports multipart transcoding. It can divide a lengthy video into multiple parts for concurrent processing, which accelerates transcoding speed. It also boasts the capability to elastically adjust transcoding resources to respond to high concurrent transcoding demand.

Easy of Use

MPS provides a comprehensive set of APIs and intuitive documentation for easy and quick integration. You can set triggers for automatic video processing upon file uploads, eliminating the need for manual API calls.

Customizable Workflow

MPS supports media workflow customization. Transcoding, screencapturing, watermarking, and GIF conversion can all be customized into one workflow for streamlined media files processing. MPS also offers an event callback mechanism which can keep you up to date on task progress.


MPS is billed daily or monthly on a pay-as-you-go basis with no minimum fees, so you only need to pay for what you use. There is no need for upfront payments or maintenance fees, thus greatly reducing your usage costs.

Top Speed Codec

Empowered by deep learning models, MPS can identify and categorize video scenes into several scene types. It can then enhance the video quality of each scene type according to the brightness and complexity of the video via optimal coding parameters, without changing the video bitrate.

AI Integration

Leveraging Tencent Cloud's advanced AI technology, MPS provides intelligent services such as cover generation, face retrieval, content editing, and porn detection.

Security and Encryption

MPS provides digital rights management (DRM) encryption, multi-key encryption, and custom content encryption service to ensure the security of your video resources and avoid leakage or unauthorized use of your files.


Featuring multipart transcoding, dynamic scaling, and compatibility with major container formats and various resolution and bitrate options, MPS can satisfy your needs in any scenario. Its intelligent transcoding service can analyze video metadata, intelligently select the optimal transcoding template accordingly, and return the transcoding result to users promptly.

Intelligent Porn Detection

Integrated with YouTu's DeepEye intelligent porn detection technology, MPS can perform confidence level analysis to identify pornographic information. Trained with massive samples collected from Tencent's social media platforms, our algorithm can help video platforms identify pornographic images and videos with an accuracy higher than 99.9%.

Top Speed Codec

With Tencent's industry-leading AI technologies in deep image learning and video processing, MPS delivers a high speed, high definition experience that allows users can flexibly adjust bitrate and resolution. In addition, deep learning models enable MPS to identify video scene types and achieve the optimal codec performance according to the scene type, brightness, and texture complexity.

Audio and Video Editing

Backed by Tencent Cloud's advanced technology in image recognition, MPS can use image retrieval to precisely locate an image in a video for intelligent cover generation. Plus, you can specify timestamps for MPS to generate corresponding audio or video clips and splice multiple video files together. It also supports scheduled screencapturing, sampled screencapturing, and image sprite generating.


MPS handles all mainstream video formats and its adaptive transcoding feature supports multiple devices and bandwidth, improving playback efficiency for a better viewing experience.

MPS’s powerful video transcoding feature can generate video files of different specifications dedicated to different devices, satisfying the diverse video playback requirements of the online education industry.

MPS features fast and stable multipart transcoding which supports concurrent execution of multiple tasks and dynamic scaling, easily satisfying the high transcoding efficiency requirements of the radio and TV industry.

MPS supports transcoding to 2K and 4K resolutions for smart TVs rendering enhanced visual effects for users.


MPS offers two billing cycle options: daily or monthly. The default is daily. If you want to switch to monthly, please contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep.

If you choose the daily billing cycle, the fees for the resources you use on the current day will be settled and billed on the next day. You can view the actual resource usage in the console. If you are billed monthly, please contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep for more billing information.

Currently, MPS offers services such as standard transcoding, Top Speed Codec, content analysis, content recognition, audio transcoding, watermarking, and screencapturing. Please refer to the pricing documentation for information on specific fees.