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Media Processing Service

Smart,powerful multimedia processing in one platform

Less than
800 ms
End-to-end millisecond delay, with an average delay of less than 800 ms
Bandwidth reserve of 150Tbps
Covering over 2800 CDN acceleration nodes worldwide
Under the same image quality
TSC reduce transcoding rate by over 50% and increase VMAF score by 5+
5 Minute
Just 4 steps to quickly run cloud live streaming DEMO

Global Leading Video Platform Service Provider

Tencent Cloud has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Video Platform Services.

IDC’s “China Video Cloud Market Tracker, 2023 1H” has also ranked Tencent Cloud first in the market share for video production, content creation, and media asset management.

In the H.264 er-title encoding evaluation report by Streaming Learning Center in 2022, all three of Tencent Cloud’s entries received the highest rating of “Excellent” among participating cloud providers.


Tencent Cloud Media Processing Service (MPS) is a cloud-based service for multimedia transcoding and processing. Designed for managing large volumes of multimedia files, MPS allows you to quickly and easily transcode audio and video into various formats, bitrates, and resolutions, ensuring smooth playback for viewers on PC, mobile, and a wide range of other playback devices. In addition to media transcoding, it offers a collection of other video processing capabilities, including custom watermarking, screencapturing, smart video cover generation, and smart editing, making it a powerful tool for streamlining your media processing workflows.

Professional Reliability

MPS provides professional transcoding that supports mainstream video formats, including H.264 and H.265 encoding, as well as video splicing and remuxing. Videos can be quickly converted and processed to output multiple bitrates.

High Customizability

Highly customizable audio/video transcoding templates support custom transcoding parameters and allow you to apply custom watermarks to output videos.

Stable and Efficient

Large-scale distributed transcoding clusters support multipart transcoding, in which large files are divided into separate transcoding tasks that are done in parallel, significantly increasing transcoding speed. Transcoding resources scale up or down automatically to adapt to high-concurrency transcoding demands.

Easy of Use

A comprehensive set of APIs and easy-to-follow documentation make it easy to get started with MPS. You can set up triggers to automatically begin processing videos when they are uploaded, without the need for manual API calls.

Customizable Workflow

Custom workflows allow you to streamline processing for massive video files. Common operations such as transcoding, screencapturing, watermarking, and GIF conversion can be built into a single workflow, while event callbacks keep track of the progress of each task.


MPS supports pay-as-you-go billing on a daily or monthly basis. You pay only for what you actually use with no minimum limits, no upfront fees, and no maintenance costs, significantly reducing your costs.

Top Speed Codec

Powered by deep learning, Top Speed Codec identifies different video scenes based on dozens of subcategories and applies the optimal encoding parameters to each scene based on video brightness and image complexity, producing better video quality without increasing bitrate.

AI Capabilities

MPS combines Tencent Cloud's advanced AI technology to provide services such as cover generation, face recognition, content editing, and adult content detection, making it easier to manage large volumes of media.

Security and Encryption

Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption, multi-key encryption, and custom content encryption services let you effectively safeguard your video resources and prevent file leaks or unauthorized use.


Multipart transcoding and dynamic resource scaling make MPS fast and flexible, with support for various formats, resolutions, and bitrates. Intelligent transcoding analyzes video metadata, selects the optimal transcoding template, and quickly outputs the required video.

Adult Content Detection

Integrated with YouTu's DeepEye adult content detection technology, MPS can identify adult content based on different confidence levels. It uses massive training data from Tencent's own social media platforms to identify pornographic images and videos with over 99.9% accuracy.

Top Speed Codec

MPS applies Tencent's powerful AI technologies to media processing to deliver a high-speed, high-definition experience that gives you flexible control over video resolution and bitrate. Advanced deep learning algorithms analyze the brightness and complexity of different video scenes to achieve optimal codec performance throughout the video.

Audio and Video Editing

Backed by Tencent Cloud's advanced image recognition technologies, MPS can use image retrieval to quickly generate cover images for videos. You can also create video clips, splice video files, and capture screenshots or sample images based on timestamps.


MPS supports all mainstream video formats, and adaptive transcoding lets you output videos for various devices and bandwidths, so viewers get the best possible experience no matter what device they're using.

MPS’s powerful video transcoding capabilities let you generate video files for playback on a wide range of devices, so students can watch high-quality learning videos on their phones, tablets, or any other device.

MPS features dynamic scaling and multipart transcoding. Large video files are separated into different transcoding tasks that are done in parallel, making MPS a fast and reliable tool in the fast-paced TV industry.

MPS supports transcoding video to 2K and 4K resolutions, delivering ultra-high definition to viewers at home watching smart TVs.


MPS offers two billing cycle options: daily or monthly. The default is daily. If you want to switch to monthly, please contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep.

If you choose the daily billing cycle, the fees for the resources you use on the current day will be settled and billed on the next day. You can view the actual resource usage in the console. If you are billed monthly, please contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep for more billing information.

Currently, MPS offers services such as standard transcoding, Top Speed Codec, content analysis, content recognition, audio transcoding, watermarking, and screencapturing. Please refer to the pricing documentation for information on specific fees.