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Migration Service Platform
A service platform integrating multiple migration tools and solutions for quick and convenient system migration.

MSP integrates various migration tools and provides centralized monitoring. You can either select a Tencent Cloud migration tool or a third-party migration tool certified by Tencent Cloud. MSP enables you to quickly migrate your system to the cloud, while exercising full control over the migration progress. MSP charges no additional fees, you only need to pay for the migration tools and resources used.

Centralized Monitoring

All migration tasks are centrally monitored in MSP and displayed by migration type. In this way, you will not be overwhelmed by the massive and complicated data generated during a large-scale and complex migration process.

Visualized Operations

You can view the status of all migration tasks in a visual chart. The user-friendly human-computer interaction interface displays migration information from different perspectives, giving you a holistic overview of the migration status.

Easy Management

Migration tasks can be managed by project group in MSP, making it easy for you to monitor both batch migration across time periods or a large-scale one-off system migration.

Ecological Aggregation

In addition to Tencent migration solutions and tools, we also integrated numerous partner migration tools to offer a rich set of migration options. Tencent and third-party tools can be connected seamlessly.

Reliability Certification

Tencent Cloud rigorously evaluates and verifies the capabilities and migration practices of third-party migration tools to ensure that your solutions and tools are safe and reliable and the business migration process is absolutely secure.

Controllable Costs

We estimate the time and resources required before migration, and provide adjustable resource configurations to help you balance migration efficiency and costs. This ensures the smooth migration of your business while effectively reducing migration costs.

Tencent Migration Tools Integration

All Tencent Cloud migration tools are integrated into an all-in-one migration solution for complex systems. These tools ensure optimal migration efficiency and reliability. In addition, our rich migration experience covers all user migration scenarios.

Third-party Tools Support

By leveraging Tencent’s rich business experience and mature service system, Tencent Cloud has certified efficient and reliable partners among the numerous migration solution providers and tool developers. Solutions and tools integrated in MSP support various forms and scales of business migration. You can select the most suitable solution and tool based on your requirements.

Centralized Monitoring

Traditionally, each migration project contains a large number of hosts, databases, and files to be migrated, and you have to maneuver multiple pages to track the migration progress. Multiple tools adds even more complexity. MSP can track all migration tasks in a central location, no matter whether you are using Tencent or third-party migration tools. The centralized monitoring UI streamlines the migration process, helping you identify problems and ensure high migration quality.

Project-specific Display

MSP’s project allocation feature ensures orderly management for large-scale migrations or batch migrations across time periods. Different subsystems can be migrated simultaneously without worrying about monitoring issues, and batch migration tasks across time periods are clearly displayed by project.

Tencent Migration Tools

Tencent migration tools are seamlessly integrated with MSP. You can automatically view the information and status of a migration task that was created with any Tencent migration tool in MSP.

Partner Migration Tools

To meet users' complex migration needs, Tencent Cloud has evaluated and certified a number of partner migration solution and tool providers. You can choose a custom migration plan or a third-party tool provided by a partner.

The tools provided by all certified partners are integrated with MSP so that you can view the information and status of all your migration tasks on the same platform.

User-developed Migration Tools

MSP has plans for standards and SDKs integration in the future. This will allow any self-developed migration tools to be centrally monitored and managed on MSP as well, provided that they follow the SDK standards.


MSP is free-of-charge, and you only need to pay for the resources used during the migration process and the long-term resources and services used after migration.

For example, if a third-party object storage application is migrated to Tencent Cloud COS, the migration service is free-of-charge. Fees however will be charged for data storage and usage costs after migration. See the pricing list for Tencent Cloud COS for details.