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TencentDB for PostgreSQL
A powerful database ideal for handling complex SQL processing in OLTP workloads

TencentDB for PostgreSQL enables you to easily configure, use and scale PostgreSQL, one of the most powerful open-source databases, on the cloud. Tencent Cloud takes care of the complicated and time-consuming tasks, such as software installation, storage management, high-availability replication, and data backup for disaster recovery. You can then focus your energies on developing your applications and business growth.

Powerful Features

Over the recent years, PostgreSQL has become the go-to open-source relational database for commercial use. TencentDB for PostgreSQL leverages the advantages of PostgreSQL to better support non-structural data types such as JSON, XML, and key-value based on SQL and a rich variety of SQL syntaxes and functions. In addition, with the sync replication technology, it can implement commercial-grade strong data consistency.

Best-in-Class Performance

TencentDB for PostgreSQL is suitable for high-performance OLTP and OLAP applications. It has a query optimizer comparable to that of commercial databases and supports all mainstream multi-table joins. Based on NVMe SSD storage, its maximum QPS can reach over 230,000, enabling you to process more concurrent business requests with fewer databases.

Convenient Management

TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports a complete set of solutions by default, including backup, restoration, monitoring, migration and more. These can be performed and managed easily in the Tencent Cloud Console. You can also view performance metrics such as ongoing SQL queries, current lock waits, table scan, and index scan in the console, keeping you updated on your resource statuses and enabling you to locate performance issues accurately and quickly.

Managed Deployment

You can launch a TencentDB for PostgreSQL instance and connect it to applications in minutes with no additional configuration required. The default configuration has universal parameters that can be modified at any time in the console. This eliminates laborious and complicated installation and configuration processes and improves your OPS efficiency.

Monitoring and Alarming

TencentDB for PostgreSQL provides key operational metrics for PostgreSQL databases for free, including performance monitoring data such as CPU utilization, storage utilization, and disk I/O. You can view them in the console to quickly locate and resolve issues. In addition, customizable metric alarms are also available to allow you to stay on top of exceptions via email and SMS without needing to monitor your databases round the clock.

Enhanced Performance

TencentDB for PostgreSQL provides a QPS at least 10 times that of SATA by using NVMe SSDs, helping you meet high concurrence requirements. To ensure high availability, it features a primary/standby deployment mode and enables sync replication by default; it switches to the standby server in seconds when a failure occurs on the primary server. This enables you to avoids business interruptions and problems such as data corruption and loss.

Multiple Layers of Security Protection

The cluster scheduler feature of TencentDB for PostgreSQL will automatically restore a node when it fails to a previous point in time for failover and disaster recovery. In addition, backups in the console can be used for manual data restoration. Moreover, TencentDB for PostgreSQL provides multiple default layers of security protection for each database that does not need to be purchased separately.


The TencentDB for PostgreSQL instance configuration can be modified in the Tencent Cloud Console to meet your elastic business needs with no additional configuration needed. After scaling, new instances will inherit the IPs and settings of the original instances, and the business will be interrupted for a second. If the existing instances cannot sustain your business, their capacity can be easily expanded to serve more end users.

Website/App Development

TencentDB for PostgreSQL boasts high performance and powerful features. It supports custom functions, JSON and XML data formats, and full-text search, helping you reduce initial development costs, optimize website performance, and speed up the development process.

LBS-enabled Applications

Games and O2O applications generally have features such as maps, nearby searches, and distance calculation. PostGIS supports geographical objects and efficient spatial indexing, allowing you to run location queries by using SQL with no complex coding required. TencentDB for PostgreSQL helps you straighten out business logic with ease and implement LBS services conveniently to improve user stickiness.

Core Enterprise Applications

Core enterprise systems such as ERP, transaction systems, and financial systems contain monetary and customer information and thus demand high data security and complex business logic. TencentDB for PostgreSQL can ensure strong transactional consistency and is fully ACID-compliant. It supports the highest level of serializable isolation, helping you achieve high availability with guaranteed data consistency and build complex business logic with simple coding.

Data Warehouse and Big Data

A primary goal of modern enterprises is to maximize the value of data. TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports a wide range of data types, window functions, CTE/CUBE advanced analytics, external data source plugins, and TB-level large tables. It features efficient multi-table correlation and parallel query optimization, enabling you to build data warehouses and big data analytics platforms with ease to facilitate your business operations.


TencentDB for PostgreSQL is pay-as-you-go.

Pay-as-you-go is a postpaid billing mode suitable for businesses with demands that fluctuate greatly and instantaneously. You only need to pay for what you use with no upfront payment required.

For more information on billing, please see Pricing.