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Risk Control Engine
Risk Control Engine (RCE) helps prevent frauds in multiple scenarios such as registration, login, campaign, and payment and combats black and gray market activities.

Tencent Cloud Risk Control Engine (RCE) is a risk management engine developed on the basis of Tencent's AI technologies and 20 years of experience in risk management and backed by Tencent's high numbers of businesses. It is provided in the form of a lightweight SaaS service and designed to quickly designed to prevent frauds in key scenarios such as registration, login, campaign, and payment and combat black and gray market activities in real time.

High Accuracy and Reliability

Based on Tencent's 20 years of experience in managing numerous risk characteristics and combating black and gray market activities, RCE has been serving nearly 100 customers with widely recognized high accuracy through its smart risk management system backed by Tencent's diverse businesses.

Fast Connection and Ease of Use

RCE is provided in the form of lightweight service APIs accompanied by detailed API documentation and connection demos. It needs to be connected only once for use in multiple scenarios such as registration, login, campaign, and payment.

Real-Time Analysis

Backed by Tencent Cloud's advanced architecture, RCE responds in milliseconds to concurrently return risk management results and more quickly discover risks. It supports dynamic scaling and ensures that each request is assessed instantly based on real-time analysis of input parameters.

Registration Protection

When a company runs user acquisition events, it may find that many of the gained new users are fake. In view of this, RCE provides a registration protection service that can effectively combat fake registrations, batch registration programs, and third-party platforms to reduce fake accounts.

Login Protection

Login is a must step for users to claim coupons in campaigns. Lots of malicious bargain hunters use automated means for batch login or APIs for unauthorized batch access. It is also a process suffering various account security risks and credential stuffing attacks. RCE provides a login protection service to monitor the login process in real time, comprehensively assess the risks of user logins, accounts, and IPs, combat malicious activities instantly, prevent fake accounts from logging in, and effectively identify credential stuffing attacks. This further guarantees the account security of enterprises.

Anti-Cheating in Campaigns

Giving out discounts and coupons is a common way to attract new users. But at the same time, it attracts countless malicious bargain hunters, who selectively participate in online campaigns and get discounts at zero or low costs. This severely undermines the purpose of campaigns, misappropriates campaign resources, increases enterprises' user acquisition costs, and damages enterprises' brand reputation. RCE provides an anti-cheating service to effectively identify such hunters and safeguard the interests of enterprises.

Payment Security

RCE can block and identify unauthorized activities involved in payment scenarios in different industries such as ecommerce, O2O, P2P, and gaming. It provides security guarantee in various malicious scenarios faced by enterprises, including unauthorized payment, malicious cashing out, money laundering, and fake transaction.



RCE can effectively identify large-scale prize cheating in marketing campaigns such as lucky draws, coupons, and flash sales and prevent sellers or buyers from fraudulently claiming discounts and gifts from ecommerce platforms through fake transactions.


RCE helps save hundreds of millions of CNY in marketing for ecommerce enterprises.


RCE can identify and block various fraudulent activities in the live streaming industry, such as fake registrations, fake clicks, and ranking manipulation. It can effectively identify the case where the host and audience partner up to send gifts using free-gifted vouchers and cash them out.


RCE assists enterprises in detecting maliciously registered accounts, and lowers the number of fake followers and malicious cashing out activities.


Businesses suffer a lot from credit card frauds and the high chargeback rate, which may trigger their bank accounts to be frozen under the Excessive Chargeback Merchant program.


RCE helps reduce the losses caused by credit card frauds, increase the acceptance rate and lower the chargeback rate.


Airlines often experience black market activities such as seat grabbing, crawlers, and marketing frauds.


RCE helps prevent malicious bargain hunting and reduce the losses caused.


RCE is pay-as-you-go and settled monthly with tiered pricing. View more