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Real User Monitoring
RUM monitors the real user experience on web and mini program frontends. By leveraging Tencent's many years of experience in internal business operations, it can monitor the page performance and frontend quality in real time following a non-intrusive connection with just one line of code.

Tencent Cloud Real User Monitoring (RUM) is a one-stop solution for monitoring the performance of your web apps and mini programs. RUM gives you insights into the speed and performance of your user pages, APIs, and CDNs, and makes it easier to troubleshoot Javascript and Ajax related errors. It also integrates easily with Tencent Cloud Application Performance Management (APM) to provide complete end-to-end monitoring. Simply install the SDK to your page, perform a quick setup, and start monitoring the metrics that are important to your users.

Log Reporting

Frontend developers can get the information they need by reporting any kind of data to the RUM console, including general logs, custom events, and custom speed test data.

Error Collection

RUM actively collects information about a wide variety of errors, including browser-based JavaScript code execution errors, API information errors, resource loading exceptions, and Promise exceptions.

Performance Monitoring

RUM offers comprehensive metrics for monitoring page performance, including firstScreenTime, TCP connection establishment time, time to first byte (TTFB), and SSL handshake time, allowing you to optimize important factors that affect loading speeds, interactivity, and visual stability.

Resource Speed Test

You can perform speed testing on your images and CDN resources, allowing you to analyze resource loading speed from multiple dimensions such as region, ISP, and browser.

API Performance Test

RUM collects information about API calls from every page, including call success rate, average failure time, and number of failures. In this way, you can analyze API performance from multiple dimensions such as region, ISP, and browser.

Smart Alarm

Leveraging the capabilities of Tencent Cloud Monitor (CM), you can customize metrics and deliver instant, reliable alarms related to errors, page loading, and performance data.


RUM synergizes with Tencent Cloud Monitor (CM) and Tencent Cloud Log Service (CLS) to provide holistic performance monitoring for a wide variety of frontends such as web pages, mini programs (WeChat/QQ), React Native, Hippy, and Flutter. CM sends alarm notifications as soon as any performance-related problem occurs. You can also view changes to core metrics in real time in the monitoring dashboard, helping you stay up to date with your frontend's performance, reduce page loading time, resolve JavaScript and Ajax errors faster, and effectively deliver a better experience to your users.