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Serverless Application Center
A development platform for building and running serverless applications

Serverless Application Center is a popular serverless application framework service well recognized in the industry. It lets you deploy completely available serverless application architectures without worrying about underlying resources. Serverless Application Center’s comprehensive capabilities including resource orchestration, auto scaling, and event-driven programming covers the entire application lifecycle from coding, debugging, and testing to deployment, enabling you to quickly build serverless applications by connecting to cloud-based resources.

Software Application Ecosystem

Serverless Application Center provides a rich set of application components for building serverless applications in various forms. You can create, deploy, and modify Tencent Cloud resources such as SCF, API Gateway, COS, and TencentDB by simply referencing specific components with a few lines of code. This saves you time and effort from manually activating and managing multiple services in multiple consoles. In addition, Serverless Application Center supports over 1,000 use cases and plugins, freeing you from infrastructure management and maintenance and enabling you to deliver serverless applications with ease.

One-stop Deployment

Tencent Cloud collaborates with Serverless Application Center, the world's most popular serverless development platform, to create one-stop, configuration-free solutions ranging from initialization, coding, debugging, resource configuration, deployment, and release to service monitoring, alarming, and troubleshooting. These solutions have earned over 32,000 stars on GitHub.

OPS-free Use

SCF resources under serverless applications are automatically scalable, so you easily handle service request surges. You don't need to manually configure computing resources in advance or build your own monitoring and alarming system from scratch, which completely eliminates traditional OPS troubles and reduces your resource costs by more than 80%.

Application-level Framework

Serverless Application Center provides varying frameworks adaptive to application scenarios. After selecting an appropriate framework based on your actual needs, you can fully focus on developing business logic without worrying about underlying resources.

Convenient Deployment

When you deploy applications, Serverless Application Center automatically deploys and configures basic resources such as SCF, API Gateway, and COS according to your application characteristics, saving you time and effort from manually deploying such resources one by one.


You can quickly create, debug, and deploy a serverless application, monitor its running status, and troubleshoot issues as they occur.

A variety of serverless application-level components are provided, so you do not need to concern yourself with underlying application resources. After selecting and downloading components that match your business needs, you simply need to write your business logic.


This product is free of charge, but it may incur fees in related services. Such fees will be charged according to the corresponding service’s billing mode.