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Secure Content Delivery Network
A security acceleration solution launched by Tencent Cloud that integrates distributed DDoS protection, CC protection, WAF protection and BOT behavior analysis service based on CDN/ECDN

Please note that this product is currently not available for online purchase. Any product information set forth below is strictly an overview of our proposed arrangements in relation to this service, which may be subject to change as and when it is made available for purchase on this website. You acknowledge that any information herein is for your reference only and does not constitute or form any part of an offer to sell.

Distributed DDoS Protection

Among thousands of PoPs around the globe, high-quality nodes are selected to load high-performance self-developed DDoS protection modules, performing precise mitigation based on advanced feature recognition algorithms, resisting various DDoS attacks such as SYN Flood, TCP Flood.

Adaptive CC Protection

With self-developed intelligent CC identification and interception patent, Secure Content Delivery Network Adaptive CC Protection is able to filter malicious access by providing recommended interception strategy as well as customizable rate limiting rules.

Smart Web Application Firewall

Based on Tencent's massive Web attack sample database and exclusive AI Engine, end user access traits are thoroughly examined to resist various Web attacks such as SQL injection, XSS attacks and Zero-day Exploit, protecting our customer origin sites.

Advanced Access Control

In addition to the basic IP, referer, and UA black and white lists, advanced access control rules are provided to specify fields such as client IP, URI, Referer, User-Agent, Params, etc., combining multiple matching methods to perform delicate access control.

BOT Behavior Analysis

Integrating Tencent Cloud BOT management module, with an exclusive BOT database that covers advertisements, screen capture tools, search engines, site monitoring, link query and other crawler types, as well as the unique AI technology to analyze all end user behaviors, BOT Behavior Analysis tell abnormal BOT traffic with an extremely high accuracy.

Attack Statistics and Monitoring

Provide multi-dimension attack reports, including real-time monitoring of DDoS and CC attacks, multi-directional graph analysis of web attacks on the entire network. Detailed web attack log exporting is also available.


When end user requests reach Secure Content Delivery Network, the edge PoPs identify and intercept various cyber-attack: distributed Secure Content Delivery Network PoPs to mitigate DDoS attacks, intelligent AI engine to identify Web, BOT, and CC attacks and update the interception strategy, protecting customer origin sites from malicious requests and ensuring smooth and stable business access, and in the meantime, providing dynamic and static network acceleration services.