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Security Operations Center
A security management platform leveraging Tencent Security Big Data to provide enterprises with lifecycle security management capabilities.

Tencent Cloud Security Operations Center (SOC) (formerly known as Tencent Cloud Security Situation Awareness) is a big security data visualization platform that provides visibility into businesses, assets, threats and risks based on the customer's cloud security data and Tencent's massive security data. Through multi-dimensional, intelligent and continuous analysis of massive amounts of data, SOC helps identify potential internal and external risks and predict impending security threats.

Data Visualization

By visualizing high volumes of abstract security data and aggregating the big data from Tencent Cloud security products, SOC provides visual representation services and instant threat alarms in three dimensions: security situation overview, host security situation and network security situation.

Risk Awareness

Based on Tencent's big security data and wealth of experience in security, SOC continuously monitors your security conditions and provides real-time alarms for security events to alert you of possible security risks.

Security Rating

SOC provides you with intelligent security ratings based on your multi-dimensional security data (such as host and network security data), which enable you to intuitively understand your security situation. In addition, utilizing Tencent's big security data, SOC provides insights into your Internet security situation to help you proactively uncover security risks across the Internet.

Security Event Management

SOC can monitor and audit various attacks such as DDoS attacks, web attacks, unusual login activities and brute force attacks and detect trojan files.

Vulnerability Management

SOC provides real-time alerts and repair solutions for the high-risk vulnerabilities of hosts (including system and web vulnerabilities), enabling you to quickly respond to them.

Visualized Monitoring

SOC offers three kinds of visual representations for real-time intuitive monitoring: security situation overview, host security situation awareness and network security situation awareness.


Use Case

Full comprehension of the current product security situation, such as whether hacking attacks or system vulnerabilities exist. In the absence of a dedicated security team in an enterprise, SOC enables OPS personnel to monitor product security situations.


Utilizing Tencent's big security data, SOC provides insights into the Internet security situation that help you proactively uncover security risks across the Internet.

Use Case

Fast response to security threats as they emerge.


• Continuous monitoring of the business security situation and real-time alerting for security events.

• SOC provides channels for monitoring the latest vulnerabilities that enable you to understand trends in external vulnerabilities and take preventive measures before they cause damage.

Use Case

Intuitive visibility into massive amounts of abstract security data.


SOC converges your own host, network and other security data for deep correlation analysis and provides visual representations in three dimensions (security situation overview, host security situation and network security situation) for clear insights into current security conditions.


Security Operations Center (SOC) is free of charge. However, fees for other related products such as Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Anti-DDoS Advanced/Pro may be incurred.