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Tencent Cloud iHearing Oral Evaluation is an oral Chinese and English evaluation service covering all age groups from child to adult. It supports multiple modes such as word, sentence, paragraph, and free speech and can comprehensively score the pronunciation accuracy, fluency, and completeness, delivering an over 95% similarity to scoring by human experts and making it widely applicable to oral Chinese and English teaching. It also offers an oral English grammar correction service for exam scenarios, which is suitable for oral exams in primary and secondary schools and eloquence training and supports various problem types, including look-and-say, topic composition, topic paraphrasing, and oral reading comprehension.

Coverage for All Age Groups

Supports oral Chinese and English evaluation and scoring for all age groups from child to adult and further provides personalized and differentiated evaluation support for children.

Multidimensional Evaluation

Features an all-around scoring mechanism for pronunciation accuracy, fluency, and completeness and provides corresponding phoneme stress and pronunciation time information. For English words, Chinese characters, and sentences, it scores pronunciation at the granularity of phoneme to accurately locate pronunciation errors.

Grammar Assessment

Not only offers pronunciation accuracy evaluation but also assesses oral grammar, bringing oral learning to the next level.

Multiple Problem Types

Furnishes multiple evaluation modes such as English word/Chinese character, sentence, paragraph, free speech, oral composition, comprehensively covering diversified business scenarios.

Easy Access

Provides SDKs for Android, iOS, and web to help you complete authentication, audio recording, and other preparations and access it easily at low costs.

Expert-Level Evaluation

Provides scoring results that are over 95% similar to those made by human experts, with great adaption to the pronunciation characteristics in Asia Pacific and wide applicability to various oral teaching businesses.

Pronunciation Evaluation

Analyzes and evaluates the pronunciation of students in the input audios through algorithms and returns fine-grained evaluation results as the basis of oral learning optimization.

1. Evaluation languages: Chinese and English

2. Evaluation types: phonetic symbol/pinyin, English word/Chinese character, sentence, paragraph, and free speech

3. Evaluation results: scores of pronunciation accuracy, fluency, and completeness as well as stress accuracy, with an over 95% similarity to scores made by human experts

4. Others: scores of custom pronunciations through phoneme combinations

Oral Grammar Correction

Based on the output fine-grained pronunciation accuracy evaluation results, iHearing Oral Evaluation can further assess the oral grammar at the same time to help students quickly correct oral grammatical errors and easily improve their language proficiency.

1. Evaluation languages: English

2. Evaluation types: look-and-say, topic composition, topic paraphrasing, and oral reading comprehension

3. Evaluation results: scores of grammatical accuracy, content relevance, choice of words, and pronunciation accuracy and fluency

Use Cases

iHearing Oral Evaluation enables quick understanding of students' oral English proficiency and offers multidimensional oral evaluation results to facilitate course arrangement.

According to Chinese proficiency test standards, iHearing Oral Evaluation can score pronunciations of single-syllable characters, multi-syllable phrases, and articles in Chinese.

iHearing Oral Evaluation can provide pronunciation scores for oral learning applications to help implement a rich set of features, including picture book listen-and-repeat, textbook click-and-say, video dubbing, and fun oral game.

For oral exam scenarios, iHearing Oral Evaluation offers stable and uniform scoring services, which effectively reduce teachers' workloads.

iHearing Oral Evaluation can perform oral evaluation on the pronunciation of words, phrases, and sentences for language learning in early childhood education scenarios.