tencent cloud

TencentDB for SQL Server

A secure, reliable and easy-to-use cloud database for SQL Server


Tencent Cloud TencentDB for SQL Server is one of the most popular commercial databases in the industry, providing perfect compatibility with Windows-based applications. It allows you to use a genuine SQL Server database in the cloud while enjoying the speed and convenience unique to cloud computing.

Genuine License

Licensed by Microsoft, TencentDB for SQL Server continuously provides you with the latest feature updates and helps you avoid risks associated with unauthorized software use, enhancing the trustworthiness of your business in competitive markets.

Stability and Reliability

TencentDB for SQL Server boasts 99.9996% data reliability and 99.95% service availability. Its primary-replica dual-node database architecture allows switching from a faulty instance to a healthy one in a matter of seconds and enables automatic backup so the database can be restored to a previous point in time through rollback.

Excellent Performance

TencentDB for SQL Server uses enterprise-grade PCI-E SSDs to deliver industry-leading I/O throughput, outperforming user-built databases and supporting commercial-grade high-volume concurrent business requests.

Convenient Management

Various management tasks such as database management, setting permissions, monitoring and alarms can be implemented with ease in the Tencent Cloud console or SQL Server Management Studio, eliminating concerns over database installation and OPS.

Performance Monitoring

Dozens of important metrics such as the number of connections and requests, disk I/O and buffer hit rate can be viewed in the console, helping you comprehensively monitor database running conditions and accurately understand the database load and system health.

System Alarming

TencentDB for SQL Server supports user-defined resource threshold alarms to help OPS engineers discover database anomalies in a timely manner and quickly respond to and resolve potential system problems.

Monitoring and Alarming

Tencent Cloud's web-based console provides dozens of database KPIs and allows alarm customization, helping you stay up-to-date on system conditions.

Security Isolation

TencentDB for SQL Server provides security protection for each and every database instance. It provides anti-SQL injection and anti-brute force attack capabilities by adding security modules in front of physical database devices. Additionally, it supports the creation of databases in VPC to ensure even more secure network isolation.

Backup and Recovery

TencentDB for SQL Server periodically backs up your database instance and stores the backup in a unified secure backup storage so that instances can be rolled back as needed to restore the database to a specified time down to the second in the backup retention period.

One-click Upgrade

As your business grows, TencentDB for SQL Server can be scaled up in just one click in the web-based console without interrupting your business.


Transaction and order systems based on Microsoft C# or ASP.NET can take advantage of TencentDB for SQL Server to obtain a stable and high-performance database solution.

The Windows-based architecture of TencentDB for SQL Server can help you quickly deploy mobile work platforms such as enterprise OA, ERP and sales management.

Due to the extremely high security requirements for database systems in industries such as banking, insurance, securities, funds and Internet finance, TencentDB for SQL Server is an ideal choice for core application databases for fund transactions, transfers and accounting.

Many of Tencent's blockbuster games are developed on Windows-based platforms. TencentDB for SQL Server is undoubtedly the best database solution for these games to ensure countless players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


TencentDB for SQL Server provides two billing options: monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go.

Monthly subscription users opt to prepay for a fixed period of usage ranging from one to multiple months or years depending on their business needs. Pay-as-you-go users pay for what they use. No upfront payment is required and you can enable or disable TencentDB for SQL Server instances at any time.

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