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TencentDB for TcaplusDB
A high-performance distributed NoSQL data storage service

TencentDB for TcaplusDB (TcaplusDB) is a distributed NoSQL data storage service designed for games. Combining high-speed memory and SSDs, TcaplusDB enables games on global and regional servers to scale and merge with no downtime, making it suitable for sustaining rapid business growth and long-tail OPS. It also comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features including high availability, disaster recovery, backup and rollback, ensuring 24/7 data storage with 99.999% reliability. TcaplusDB is widely used in hundreds of hit games such as Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, CrossFire and Call of Duty: Mobile. It is committed to providing games with a high-performing, low-cost, scalable and reliable storage service.

High Performance

TcaplusDB features LRU-based hot/cold data exchange for the memory and disks, data storage in SSDs and multi-server data distribution, which guarantee maximum performance and enable one single PC server to process 100,000 queries per second (QPS) with a latency of less than 10 milliseconds.

High Availability

TcaplusDB has a dual-server hot backup mechanism for disaster recovery, ensuring fast recovery in case of system failure. Hardware or operating system failures can be quickly recovered to achieve 99.999% availability.

Low Costs

TcaplusDB is capable of switching between the memory and disk for in-process data, i.e., active data is stored in the memory and inactive data in the disk. This reduces storage cost relative to full-memory storage and Redis and MySQL storage by around 70% and 40%, respectively.

Dynamic Scaling

TcaplusDB provides uncapped storage that can be dynamically scaled up or down according to the actual needs of the game without affecting game operations, making it easy to cope with dramatic changes in business scale.

Ease of Use

TcaplusDB can be called using APIs and provides web-based common operations such as adding, changing and deleting tables and purging data. Moreover, OPS tasks like scaling and backup are automated.

Cache Combined with Persistent Storage

With cache and disk storage, you do not need to use two database types, simplifying the application architecture and enabling automatic switching between hot and cold data.

Elastic Scaling

TcaplusDB has no upper limit for storage space, with one single table able to store 50 TB of data, eliminating concerns over storage capacity expansion. It can be scaled up or down in a non-stop manner and supports unified and region-specific servers.

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Fast Rollback

Backup and disaster recovery

With overload protection, dual-server hot backup and daily cold backup, TcaplusDB's disaster recovery mechanism retains data for 30 days and Binlog transactions for 15 days.

Fast rollback

TcaplusDB can quickly retrieve cold backup data for concurrent decompression and automatically roll back to a precise previous point in time. Each cold backup node stores 300 GB of data and can complete the rollback operation in two hours.

Support for PB Protocol

TcaplusDB supports the Protobuf protocol, allowing for flexible data access and the access and extraction of specified fields and greatly reducing bandwidth consumption.


Storage needs of mobile games

Mobile games are known for fragmented play time, frequent player interactions, generating large amounts of data and using unified and region-specific servers. Because mobile games grow rapidly and run countless marketing campaigns, they require storage services that feature seamless operation, stability, low latency and high throughput.


TcaplusDB is designed for games and uses technologies such as distributed architecture, hot/cold data exchange and automated merging of regional servers to meet the requirements of games for high throughput, low latency, unified servers and region-specific servers. It also supports non-stop lossless scaling and overload protection, satisfying the needs of marketing campaigns and traffic surges.

Storage needs of PC games

PC games are known for longer online player time, generating massive amounts of data, using a unified server mode, longer business lifecycle of game business and countless marketing campaigns. As a result, PC games require high stability, low latency, high throughput and robust data backup and rollback for data storage services.


TcaplusDB features data compression, elimination, partial field operations and automated log packaging, helping PC games cope with massive amounts of logs and heavy throughput. Technologies such as distributed architecture and hot/cold data exchange meet the demand for low latency and high throughput. TcaplusDB also provides automated backup and on-demand rollback services for the disaster recovery of business data.

Storage needs of browser games

Browser games rely on the browser as a client and use the caching function provided by the storage layer due to their weak caching capabilities. They generally require 24/7 non-stop storage services. In general, they operate in a unified server mode with frequent server launches and merges, resulting in high throughput and massive volumes of concurrent requests.


TcaplusDB features peering access layer and fast scaling to cope with high concurrency and throughput and uses the cache and high-speed disk solution to enable the caching service with high performance and low latency. In addition, technologies such as automated server merging and lossless scaling meet the ever-changing needs of the business for marketing campaigns and 24/7 non-stop service.

Storage needs of social networking applications

Social networking applications are known for the frequent creation of data, addition of comments and delivery of messages by users. User-generated data is aggregated by topic, fields such as text, links and timestamps are generally in fixed length, data activity is distributed by time and reads outnumber writes. Social networking applications also require large throughput and high concurrency for the storage services.


TcaplusDB uses list storage and supports a variety of heterogeneous data types, readily meeting the diverse data storage needs of social networking applications. Its technologies such as hot/cold data exchange and read-write separation perfectly satisfy such applications' demand for low latency, large throughput and high concurrency.


Tencent Cloud TcaplusDB is pay-as-you-go, which means that you only pay for what you use. TcaplusDB is billed on a daily basis, and each day’s bill is automatically deducted the next day. Pricing varies slightly from region to region. Please refer to the pricing document for more details. View more