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Tencent Cloud TCHouse-D

Real-time OLAP data analysis service for easy-to-use, low-maintenance, cloud-based fully hosted services


Tencent Cloud TCHouse-D is built on the industry-leading OLAP database Apache Doris kernel. It is compatible with MySQL protocol, integrates with the cloud big data ecosystem, and provides a rich range of cluster management capabilities and a comprehensive inspection and alarm system. It offers easy-to-use, low-maintenance, cloud-based fully hosted services, helping customers to quickly perform real-time OLAP data analysis.


It takes less than ten minutes on the console to create the analysis cluster, with complete features provided such as cluster maintenance and management, and monitoring alarms. With only clicks, you can create clusters, modify configurations, set alarms, and so on.


It supports the standard SQL and is compatible with the MySQL protocol. You can use the standard SQL to perform data analysis, without the need to understand the data structure of different data infrastructures or learn new programming languages.

High Concurrent Query

With proper architecture design and flexible resource allocation policies, it supports tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of concurrent queries per second, enabling thousands of users to perform data analysis concurrently.

Excellent Performance

The new vectorization execution engine and strong MPP execution framework are used, and the star schema and snowflake schema are supported, to provide subsecond query result response for analysis with PB-level data volume.

Elastic Scaling

It takes simple operations on the console to quickly scale out and scale in the clusters and modify the CPU and memory configurations in the node, to quickly and stably support business development and reduce cost waste.

Safe and Reliable

Redundancy based on dual-node data synchronization realizes seamless failover and redundant backup. Distributed deployment is adopted, and protection is provided for computing units, servers, and cabinets, to enhance infrastructure for important data. The user cluster is deployed independently, supporting VPC isolation to provide multi-protection for data access security.

Application Scenarios

Various data is extracted, cleansed, and imported to Tencent Cloud TCHouse-D, such as the business data of orders and the financial category, tracking data for user behaviors, sales data, market data, and advertisement data. Query and analysis in hundreds of dimensions are performed to find the deep relationships among data. Business reports are generated to assist in business decision-making, and more valuable data services are also provided to upper-layer businesses. Tencent Cloud TCHouse-D features high concurrency, satisfying the need for highly frequent multi-user data mining and exploration in enterprises.

Users' behavior data such as clicks and duration in website, app, and gaming scenarios are collected and imported to Tencent Cloud TCHouse-D. With the excellent query performance of Tencent Cloud TCHouse-D, the analysis system can provide subsecond responses in multi-dimensional and multi-mode analysis, to quickly identify user behavior characteristics and patterns, providing strong support for businesses such as targeted marketing and membership conversion.

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