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Tencent Cloud Mini Program Platform

The Tencent Cloud Mini Program platform is derived from the Tencent Mini Program technical framework and fully follows the development specifications and standards of WeChat Mini Programs. It can not only help enterprises to put mini program on their own apps, but also provide enterprises with the closed-loop ability to build their own mini program ecosystem.

mini program containerization technology

Provide mobile mini program containerization technology, fully compatible with the syntax specification of WeChat mini program, and support WeChat mini program running in the enterprise's own App.

Developer IDE

Provide mini program development IDE, support developers to complete a series of mini program development activities such as coding, debugging, previewing, publishing and so on on the IDE in a one-stop manner.

Mini-program operation tools

Provide mini program page monitoring and performance analysis tools to help optimize the mini program experience; provide mini program operation analysis capabilities to help mini program user analysis and business growth.

Enterprise Operation Tools

It provides one-stop operation and management end for enterprises, offering management capabilities such as mini
program audit, uploading, monitoring and operation, helping enterprises to do a good job in mini-program eco-operation.

Safety and security capabilities

It provides security capabilities such as mini program security scanning, compliance detection and security reinforcement, as well as multiple security measures from terminal to cloud to ensure the safe operation of mini program and the safe transmission of data.

One Code, Many Ends

The platform adheres to the idea of one-time development, multi-running, and can run the completed mini program in WeChat and the enterprise's own App, reducing development costs and improving R&D efficiency.


Enterprises develop mini program in accordance with the WeChat mini program specification, and a set of code can be released to the WeChat open platform, as well as to the enterprise's own mini program open platform.

Our advantages:

1, compatible with the WeChat mini program development specifications, enterprises only need to maintain a set of mini program code;

2, a mini program can be published to a number of different App at the same time.

The mini program platform provides enterprises with an independent domain name of the open platform address, enterprises can quickly introduce three-party mini-programs, three-party mini program run into the enterprise's own App.

Our advantages

1, an enterprise with an independent domain name, enterprise data directly isolated from each other, to protect the data security of enterprises and external suppliers;

2、Open to external suppliers, so that the supplier's mini-programs run into the enterprise App.

Internal business R&D team and external supplier R&D team can use the same technical standards and R&D framework for independent business development, and the enterprise will unify the audit and release.

Our Advantages

1, through the unified technical standards and R & D framework, greatly reducing the cost of enterprise development mini-program;

2、Using the unified management platform, it greatly reduces the risk of business on-line.

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