Tencent Container Registry (TCR) offers secure, dedicated, and high-performance container image hosting and distribution service. You can create dedicated instances in multiple regions across the globe and pull container images from the nearest region to reduce pulling time and bandwidth costs. To guarantee data security, TCR features granular permission management and access control. It also supports P2P accelerated distribution to break through the performance bottleneck due to concurrent pulling of large images by large-scale clusters, helping you quickly expand and update businesses. You can customize image synchronization rules and triggers, and use TCR flexibly with your existing CI/CD workflow to quickly implement container DevOps.

Dedicated Cloud Service

Each TCR instance has a dedicated service backend and backend storage. Compared with other platforms such as DockerHub that hosts shared images, TCR provides you with a dedicated instance so you do not need to worry about other users and use limits.

Stable and Reliable

TCR instance adopts containerized deployment. You can dynamically adjust the service capability based on actual usage to manage sudden surges in business traffic. You can also deploy TCR across multiple availability zones to achieve intra-city disaster recovery and high availability.

Global Synchronization

You can purchase TCR instances in multiple regions across the globe and customize rules to synchronize the registry data globally. This allows you to pull container images from the nearest region when your business is deployed globally and implement cross-region disaster recovery.

Security and Compliance

Each TCR instance has a dedicated storage backend. Container images and Helm charts are encrypted and stored in your Cloud Object Storage (COS) bucket. TCR supports granular permission management, public and private network access control, and image security scanning to ensure data security and access compliance.

Fast Distribution

TCR instance is available in different specifications, meeting the concurrent pulling requests of clusters in different scales. TCR can support thousands of nodes to concurrently pull images at gigabyte level. It also supports P2P accelerated pulling to ensure fast expansion and deployment of the container service.

Support Helm Chart

TCR supports the hosting and distribution of both container images and Helm charts. It is compatible with Helm V3, meeting the needs of Kubernetes users to use Helm charts and container images simultaneously while providing a consistent user experience.

Dedicated Service on the Cloud

You can enjoy cloud-based and dedicated container image hosting service by simply creating an instance with specified specifications in a selected region. You do not need to deploy this service locally, nor share it with others on the cloud. TCR deploys the core registry service in a container environment, ensuring service reliability and dynamic expansion to manage traffic surge. In addition, TCR stores container images and Helm charts in your COS buckets. You do not need to share underlying data with others, nor worry about storage limits.

Data Management and Security Compliance

TCR supports different methods of access permission control to meet user requirements for data security compliance. You can configure an access control policy to allow only specified public IP addresses and clients in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to access the instance. TCR also supports Cloud Access Management (CAM) that allows you granular access control. For example, you can allow only specified customers to pull image data from specified image repositories. Because data is stored in COS under your account, you have all management permissions.

Data Synchronization Across Regions

TCR allows you to create and use dedicated instances in multiple regions across the globe. You can customize synchronization rules based on business needs to synchronize container images and Helm charts globally. This feature allows you to expand the container service globally without manually copying data and pull image data from the nearest region, reducing data download time and bandwidth costs.


TCR instance can be deployed in multiple regions across the globe, and data is automatically synchronized based on custom rules. This allows you to pull images from the nearest region, reducing network traffic costs and accelerating image pulling.

TCR instance has dedicated backend storage and core service, which adopts containerized deployment and can be dynamically scaled up or down to manage concurrent pulling of images by large-scale clusters. With P2P accelerated distribution, TCR can support clusters with thousands of nodes to concurrently pull images at gigabyte level.

TCR is integrated with CODING DevOps to automatically trigger image building, repository pushing, and service deployment upon source code update. The security scanning feature of TCR ensures secure application deployment, while instance synchronization supports the global distribution and deployment of businesses. With trigger customization, TCR can be integrated with your continuous delivery system to reduce business adaption costs.


TCR is a paid service with hourly billing. Please see the Billing Overview for more details.

Please note that when using TCR, you will need to create and use resources such as COS. This may incur additional costs. Visit the console for pricing details.