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Tencent Cloud EdgeOne

Tencent Cloud EdgeOne provides layer-4/7 security protection and acceleration services to the global market based on Tencent's global edge nodes to safeguard diverse industries such as ecommerce, retail, finance service, content and news, and gaming and improve their user experience.

Static Content Acceleration

EdgeOne can cache static content on edge nodes and uses the global load balancing technology to ensure that end users can get resources from nearby edge nodes.

Dynamic Content Acceleration

EdgeOne uses technologies like dynamic route detection and smart routing to select the optimal linkage for origin-pull of dynamic data, which greatly reduces the access latency for end users, solves problems of slow dynamic content loading and operation lags, and significantly improves the user experience.

Global Acceleration

EdgeOne adopts a two-level architecture of edge nodes and regional centers and further improves the acceleration effect through smart cross-node routing and targeted path optimization. It can effectively solve the problems of poor origin-pull linkage quality and slow origin-pulls so as to deliver a better cross-border access experience.

DDoS Protection

EdgeOne provides comprehensive, efficient, and professional DDoS protection capabilities in forms of multiple Anti-DDoS solutions such as Anti-DDoS Pro and Anti-DDoS Advanced for enterprises and organizations to combat DDoS attacks. It leverages its abundant and premium DDoS protection resources and the ever-evolving "proprietary + AI recognition" cleansing algorithm to guarantee the stable and secure operations of your business.

Rate-Limiting Adaptive CC Identification

EdgeOne's proprietary and patented smart rate-limiting CC judgment and blocking technology analyzes and blocks attacks based on the blocking policies recommended by the platform and multidimensional custom rules. It also supports various methods, including frequency control and traffic throttling, to filter malicious access requests.

Smart Web Protection

EdgeOne matches the access request characteristics with those in the web attack sample library to effectively prevent various web attacks, including SQL injections, XSS attacks, and local file inclusions, so as to protect your origin servers in real time. By combining the unique AI engine with Tencent's over 100 million threat information records, it is equipped with a smarter threat recognition kernel to block web threats accurately and efficiently.

Bot Behavior Analysis

EdgeOne integrates the Tencent Cloud bot program management feature and has a bot behavior library covering many crawler types such as ads, screencapturing tools, search engines, site monitoring, and link query. Its unique AI technology analyzes and builds models for all user request behaviors to intelligently identify abnormal traffic. In addition, it supports custom session protection policies.

Advanced Access Control

EdgeOne supports creating a complex access control rule by specifying fields such as client IP, URI, Referer, User-Agent, and Params, in addition to basic IP, Referer, and UA blocklist/allowlist. The rule can also be tailored to different application scenarios by setting the condition logic (equal to, include, or exclude) for those fields.

Rich Monitoring Metrics and Reports

EdgeOne comes with rich report display capabilities. It can query linkage access speed, acceleration effect statistics, and cached content instantly, monitor and alarm on DDoS and CC attacks in real time, analyze the quantity, types, and sources of web attacks in multiple dimensions, and export detailed web attack logs.

Use Cases
Website Acceleration/Protection

EdgeOne provides powerful delivery acceleration capabilities for static contents (e.g., webpage styles, images, and small files) in business scenarios like portals, ecommerce, and UGC communities, significantly improving the website user experience.


  • Static website caching and delivery
  • Smart website protection
  • High-traffic DDoS protection
  • Simple and efficient access and configuration

Upload/Download Acceleration

EdgeOne provides stable and high-quality upload and download acceleration for various files such as game installation packages, mobile phone ROMs for upgrade, and application installation packages. Backed by a high elastic bandwidth reserve, it can sustain traffic surges to deliver a super fast download experience.


  • Stable and high-bandwidth acceleration lines
  • Massive elastic storage capacity
  • Support for traffic surges
Audio/Video Acceleration

Based on Tencent's many years of online video operations experience and optimized for online audio/video playback business scenarios (e.g., live streaming, online education, and teacher-student interaction), EdgeOne can support a high number of concurrent requests during peak hours while effectively ensuring high availability of the service and satisfactory media transfer speed, helping you deliver a stable, smooth, and rich-featured watch experience.


  • High performance and concurrency
  • Stable and efficient network
  • Rich-featured watch experience
Game Protection

EdgeOne has a deep understanding of the security protection requirements in the gaming industry. It supports quick download of game clients, effectively guarantees a stable and low-latency access to lobby servers, and ensures that battles can be efficiently implemented on battle servers, offering all-around acceleration and security services for game customers.


  • Nearby deployment of edge nodes in global regions for a low-latency access
  • Various simple and flexible connection methods
  • Low-latency and high-bandwidth network connection
  • Smart scheduling to effectively avoid risks while increasing the speed
  • Infrastructure as Code - Support for Terraform API
Transaction Acceleration

For dynamic data in ecommerce transaction, finance, and payment scenarios, EdgeOne uses diverse technologies such as dynamic route detection and smart routing to select the optimal linkage for origin-pull, which greatly reduces the access latency of end users, solves problems of slow dynamic content loading and operation lags, and significantly improves the user experience.


  • Dynamic route detection and smart routing
  • Optimal linkage origin-pull
  • WAF, DDoS cleansing, accurate access control, and other security protection features
  • Global deployment with support for cross-border line acceleration
Online Collaboration Acceleration

Online collaboration usually involves static content like files and materials and dynamic data transfer like multi-person collaboration and real-time communication. Problems such as slow download of generated files and communication latency severely reduce the online collaboration efficiency. Over a global acceleration network, EdgeOne can stably and reliably accelerate both static and dynamic content at one stop, offering a carefree online collaboration experience.


  • Deployment of copious global nodes for nearby acceleration
  • High-speed caching for static files
  • Efficient smart routing and origin-pull for dynamic files
  • OA application-based in-depth acceleration optimization
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