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Tencent Cloud Infrastructure as Code (TIC)
An infrastructure management platform that allows for great convenience, efficiency and compliance.

Tencent Cloud Infrastructure as Code (TIC) is an open Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform developed by Tencent Cloud. It offers three features: resource orchestration, configuration management, and compliance check. TIC enables you to manage your cloud infrastructures in an efficient, cost-effective, and secure manner.

TIC is integrated with industry-leading open-source technologies and supports HCL (Terraform), JSON, and YAML syntaxes. To simplify its usage, it also offers many public templates created following Tencent Cloud best practices.

Free of charge

A stack is a collection of resources in the same infrastructure. TIC enables you to manage infrastructures on the stack level. You can manage stack versions, resources, and events.TIC is completely free of charge. Its features are based on Tencent Cloud's proprietary and open-source ecosystem technologies. TIC is free to use, and you pay only for the cloud resources created.

Multi-cloud support

As an open platform, TIC not only helps you manage Tencent Cloud resources, but also allows you to deploy, migrate, and manage cloud resources in multi-cloud scenarios. Currently, TIC supports resource orchestration and configuration management of mainstream cloud service providers. We are also working to support more providers and services to meet your business needs.

Ease of use

TIC supports Terraform, Ansible, and mainstream declarative syntaxes (JSON and YAML). There are plenty of learning materials on the Internet which can help you and your team members easily get started. Meanwhile, you can use the diverse templates we provide to quickly build your own infrastructures by simply modifying some basic parameters.

Comprehensive IaC

TIC supports not only basic resource orchestration, but also configuration management, application deployment, and compliance check. TIC allows you to use IaC in all aspects for higher efficiency and lower operational costs and risks.

Diverse templates

TIC comes with different types of template management. With private template management, you can easily reuse existing infrastructures or save and manage outstanding infrastructure cases. Public templates provide you with best practices in the industry, serving as your reference when you use and optimize your infrastructures.

Stack management

A stack is a collection of resources in the same infrastructure. TIC enables you to manage infrastructures on the stack level. You can manage stack versions, resources, and events.

Stack creation

TIC provides a wizard for you to create a stack in 4 steps. Before creating a stack, you need to configure API credentials on the Settings page in the TIC console.

Template management

TIC offers two types of templates: private and public. You can create reusable private templates or save public templates as private ones. Public templates are created following Tencent Cloud best practices and can be used with some simple parameter modifications.

Resource management

TIC comes with information on currently supported resources, including parameter use limits, use cases, and product references.


TIC is your best choice to quickly create identical infrastructures in different regions and implement remote disaster recovery. With TIC, you can avoid repetitive console operations, save time on learning how to use APIs, and reduce operational error risks. To create an infrastructure, you only need to specify a region, select an existing template, modify the required parameters, and then submit the application.

TIC is ideal for infrastructure deployment, resource management, and resource migration in a multi-cloud environment. TIC can call corresponding APIs based on resources provided by different cloud service providers and build multi-cloud infrastructures according to resource dependencies.