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Tencent Instavue Smart Video Analysis System
Integrates IoT technology and AI smart vision capabilities to help accurately tap into the value of massive videos

Please note that this product is not currently in operation and not available for purchase. Any product information set forth below is strictly an overview of our proposed arrangements in relation to this service, which may be subject to change as and when it is made available for purchase on this website. You acknowledge that any information herein is for your reference only and does not constitute or form any part of an offer to sell.


Tencent Instavue Smart Video Analysis System (Instavue) is a smart video analysis system that integrates IoT and AI analysis technologies. Through the connection with Weiling, it provides a full chain of services from pre-event alerting to mid-event warning to post-event backtracking. Compared with the current situation of passive manual prevention and low-efficiency search in traditional video analysis systems, Instavue transforms the management process from passive to active and from inefficient to efficient, helping you accurately tap into the value of massive videos and improve the efficiency of smart operations. It is widely used in many scenarios such as buildings, parks, and nursing homes.

Spatiotemporal Data Linkage for Rational Resource Scheduling

Instavue links architectural spatial data and AI video analysis data to provide information in multiple dimensions such as space, event, and time when its AI algorithms identify exceptional events, helping you rationally schedule resources to handle the events.

Rich Algorithm Applications for Diverse Scenarios

Instavue comes with a wide variety of smart surveillance applications such as area protection, personnel protection, and exceptional event recognition that can be used in different scenarios, including office buildings, smart parks, commercial complexes, hospitals, nursing homes, smart construction sites, and smart communities.

Secure Storage of Videos in Cloud for Better Privacy Protection

Instavue uses SM data encryption technologies for video devices and video stream data, ensuring the security of video devices and data stored in the cloud and protecting user privacy to the greatest extent.

Reuse of Existing Devices for Low-Cost Smart Transformation

Instavue eliminates the need to extensively modify existing systems, enables quick connection with various standard device services on the market, and uses AI technology in the cloud to empower existing cameras for smart operations.

Remote Imperceptible Update and Simple Maintenance

When your requirements change or need to be upgraded, Instavue offers the remote update service for imperceptible update, which greatly reduces the impact on your daily operations.

Real-Time Preview

Instavue allows you to view real-time camera images in 1-, 4-, 8-, or 16-pane view and perform operations such as taking snapshots and manually recording videos. It controls the pan, tilt, and zoom of PTZ cameras, so that you can rotate the cameras upwards, downwards, leftwards, and rightwards to view real-time video images and perform optical zoom and digital zoom.

Historical Video Playback

Instavue allows you to view historical camera videos in 1-, 4-, 8-, or 16-pane view, take snapshots of historical videos, and perform operations such as video download.

Smart Surveillance

Instavue offers multiple smart surveillance capabilities such as electronic fence, outdoor fire analysis, loitering analysis, crowd gathering detection, fall detection, and hard hat detection.

Smart Analysis

Instavue is capable of video synopsis and cross-camera analysis. It concentrates a lengthy surveillance video into a short video of only several minutes for expedited playback, analyzes the presence of a single object in video images captured by multiple cameras, and forms a route. In this way, you can watch the historical videos of the target passing each point.

Electronic Map

Instavue allows you to view the positions of cameras in buildings in space map mode, preview camera images, play back historical videos, and process alarms.

Management Center

In Instavue, system management allows you to set the storage paths of snapshots, manual video recordings, and downloaded videos, PTZ speed, and pop-up alarm windows, and device management allows you to manage devices authorized by Weiling with various features such as group management, device configuration, and device query.

Alarm Center

Instavue allows you to query the details of alarms generated by smart surveillance and devices, so that you can handle smart analysis alarms and other alarms (such as alarms for device disconnection).


Based on the IoT capabilities of Weiling, Instavue can actively mine massive video data through machine vision technologies and provide full-chain services before, during, and after events. It can notify relevant personnel of events as soon as they occur, so as to minimize their damages.

Instavue offers multiple capabilities based on video analysis such as fall detection and invisible fence, adding another layer of safety for the seniors in hospitals and nursing homes.

Instavue can digitalize safe production management in factories. It provides AI capabilities for factory construction safety and implements 24/7 smart surveillance, hard hat detection, and personnel management and control in key areas.


Instavue is currently sold and billed offline.