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Tencent Interactive Whiteboard

A comprehensive multi-person online interactive whiteboard service for distance learning


Tencent Interactive Whiteboard provides a comprehensive digital whiteboard service that enhances interactivity between students and teachers in online classrooms. It offers rich, intuitive features that make class fun and more effective, including interactive graffiti, real-time synchronization, file sharing, and file transcoding. It can also record and play back full teaching sessions with whiteboard presentations and audio/video in sync. High scalability and flexible use deliver an interactive teaching experience on par with that of an in-person class, significantly improving the quality of online education.

Global Coverage with Unlimited Concurrency

Interact with the whiteboard at a latency as low as 100 ms, enjoy a smooth user experience even under poor network conditions, and support unlimited concurrency by leveraging Tencent Cloud's global network nodes and proprietary QoS policies based on hundreds of millions of users.

Rich Whiteboard Tools

Use various tools such as brush, eraser, shapes, file sharing, recording, and playback to meet your diverse needs in different scenarios, including vocational education, language training, financial interview, and in-game social networking.

Support for Many File Formats

Play back animated PowerPoint slides and HTML5 courseware containing text, spreadsheets, images, audio, and videos, with 99% of original presentation effects rendered based on over 200 animation effects.

Modular Design and Flexible APIs

Access on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, web, or mini program, and take advantage of modular features, customizable UIs, and rich data and status callback APIs.

Whiteboard-Audio/Video Sync

Enhance communication with real-time audio and video during whiteboard presentations and group collaboration. Record whiteboard content, audio, and video synchronously with echo cancellation for courseware.

Controlled Data Security

Store transcoded courseware files to specified third-party servers and take full control over the retained and migrated data. Guarantee the security of files, recordings, and other data with diverse security features, including resource isolation, content encryption, transfer encryption, and authentication.

Online Education

Tencent Interactive Whiteboard is widely used in class scenarios such as online STEAM education, vocational education, language training, enterprise training, and school lectures.


Share files and videos in various formats online to enrich the teaching resources.

Enable teachers to turn pages, annotate and highlight content in files while students follow along and interact in real time.

Record videos, files, and chats during the entire class as video files to archive teaching materials for students to review easily.

Remote Meeting

Tencent Interactive Whiteboard is widely used in industry-specific scenarios such as remote meetings, digital government, and remote healthcare.


Display files in many formats online during remote meetings to make presentations more lively and communication more efficient.

Cloud-based collaboration, annotation, review, and minutes taking enable users to exchange ideas and highlights directly for better communication.

Record the entire meeting for more reliable content retention and backtracking.

Financial Interview

Tencent Interactive Whiteboard is widely used by digital finance services for video-based contract signing, remote attestation, and signature confirmation.


Remote business transaction processing for regulatory compliance in different industries.

Enable signing parties to provide their signatures online.

Encrypt and store signed documents.

In-Game Social Networking

Tencent Interactive Whiteboard is widely used in gaming scenarios such as Draw Something and interactive graffiti.


Many brush tools available.

Enable users to draw together for better interaction.

Allow users to graffiti online to unleash their creativity.

Record highlight interactions.

Diverse Whiteboard Tools

Offers diverse tools, including brush, laser pointer, highlighter, magic pen, text, geometric shapes, formula, custom shapes, eraser, undo, redo, zoom, and screencapturing.

Multi-Format File Transcoding

Supports static and dynamic transcoding for PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files (dynamic transcoding can retain animation effects) as well as playback of audio/video files and HTML5 courseware.

Recording and Playback

Provides various whiteboard recording services to record all audios, videos, and interactive whiteboard operations during a class for future playback.

Synchronized Collaboration

Syncs the whiteboard view on devices with different aspect ratios. It supports multi-user collaboration, where different users' brushes are distinguished by color with the user ID displayed above each user's cursor.

File Center

Stores and manages transcoded files, making it faster to upload and transcode files and switch between multiple courseware files quickly.

Natural Brush Tools

Provides the brush feature with smooth and natural strokes, fine details, and options for displaying sharp strokes.

Page Preview

Allows you to view file thumbnails, go to the specified page on the preview sidebar, add blank pages, and delete specified pages.

On-Premises Deployment

Supports deployment in various modes, including private cloud and hybrid cloud, making it ideal for financial regulation, government affairs, and enterprise services. Data is transferred through encrypted channels to guarantee data security and integrity.

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