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Text Moderation System
Text Moderation System (TMS) uses the deep learning technology to recognize content in text that may be offensive, unsafe, or inappropriate. It allows you to configure dictionaries to detect custom texts.
Text Moderation System
Pornographic Recognition

Accurately recognizes pornographic words and their variants such as split words and homographs. Its machine learning model has a good resistance to interference.

Ad Detection

Recognizes the content of spam ads, including malicious, fraud, and prostitution ads, and supports identifying different ad variants such as symbols, icons, and stickers.


Recognizes inappropriate content in user posts and comments on social media platforms.

Communities and Forums

Recognizes on-screen comments and user reviews in videos and live streams to identify inappropriate content in real time.

Live Streaming

Detects inappropriate text contents in e-commerce scenarios.


TMS is billed in a pay-as-you-go manner. For more details, see Purchase Guide.

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