Penetration Testing Service (PTS) completely simulates attack and vulnerability discovery techniques used by hackers to deeply check the security of target systems and locate their most vulnerable parts. It offers black-box, white-box, and gray-box tests carried out by experts from Tencent Cloud security labs to comprehensively reveal your potential risks. Unlike hacker intrusions, such tests are authorized by you to discover vulnerabilities in targets and network devices through controllable, non-destructive methods and means. PTS not only helps you stay up to date with what your business is facing but also offers security hardening suggestions to make your systems more secure.

Basis for Security Hardening

The results of Penetration Testing Service and tool scans serve as important inputs to the future planning of security hardening. In particular, the test results can be used as case studies during security awareness training for internal security personnel.

Improved Security Skills

Tencent Cloud security experts translate their rich experience into vulnerability fixes, helping developers enhance security awareness and coding standardization. This fundamentally reduces the probability of vulnerability exploitation to better safeguard your systems.

Simulated Hacker Intrusions

Penetration Testing Service can simulate hacker intrusions to attack your websites, so that you can adapt to ensuing emergencies as soon as possible when real attacks occur. It also enables you to discover exposed or incubated vulnerabilities and promptly minimize their impacts with security hardening solutions.