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TDMQ for RabbitMQ is a distributed high-availability message queue service. It supports the AMQP 0-9-1 protocol and is fully compatible with all components and principles of Apache RabbitMQ. It also has the underlying benefits of computing-storage separation and flexible scaling.

Open-Source Component Compatibility

TDMQ for RabbitMQ supports the AMQP 0-9-1 standard protocol and is fully compatible with the open-source RabbitMQ community and its queue, exchange, and virtual host components, so that you can quickly migrate the metadata from RabbitMQ to Tencent Cloud at zero costs.

Comprehensive Features

TDMQ for RabbitMQ supports various messaging patterns of native RabbitMQ as well as dead letter switch and standby switch, eliminating your concerns over message loss caused by message expiration or routing failure. In addition, it supports queue priority to ensure that messages are consumed by priority.

High Stability and Reliability

TDMQ for RabbitMQ features a persistent storage mechanism, which ensures that the metadata and message content after service restart will never get lost. It stores messages in three replicas. When a physical machine is faulty, the data can be quickly migrated to guarantee the availability of three data replicas, achieving a 99.95% service availability.

High Scalability

TDMQ for RabbitMQ supports more queues and has higher scalability than open-source RabbitMQ. Its underlying system can automatically scale clusters based on the business scale in a way imperceptible to users.

Ease of OPS-free Use

TDMQ for RabbitMQ provides access APIs and open-source SDKs for all programming languages on all versions. It offers the entire set of OPS services of the Tencent Cloud platform and monitors alarms in real time to help you quickly discover and solve problems and guarantee the service availability.


A flash sales system may fail due to traffic surges. TDMQ for RabbitMQ can mitigate the traffic pressure at the upstream to secure the stable operations of the message system.

The order data in a transaction system involves over 100 downstream business systems, such as shipping, logistics, and order. TDMQ for RabbitMQ can implement async communication and service decoupling between systems to reduce their mutual dependency, improve the processing efficiency, and ensure the system stability.

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