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Text To Speech

An intelligent service that provides lifelike speech synthesis

Text To Speech

Tencent Cloud Text To Speech (TTS) turns text into natural-sounding speech in multiple voices and different languages. It supports the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) and allows you to adjust the volume and speech rate so you can customize speech for many use cases. TTS can be widely used in smart customer service, audiobook production, and news broadcasting to provide a closed loop human-machine interaction experience and increase the development efficiency of your voice applications.

Text To Speech
Realistic Experience

TTS is built on industry-leading technologies that can quickly create highly natural-sounding, realistic speech for many different scenarios. It enables your devices and applications to talk to users and deliver more lifelike interaction.

Text To Speech
Flexible Configuration Options

TTS supports Chinese, English, and Chinese-English. It allows you to adjust the volume and speech rate as needed. In addition, it offers multiple effects and synthesis options for phone systems and mobile apps.

Text To Speech
Diverse Voices

TTS provides different types of male and female voices that can be used for phone customer service, audiobook production, news broadcasting, and other scenarios. Voices can also be customized for enterprise users.


TTS works with speech recognition and natural language processing modules to close the loop of human-machine interaction in customer service bot and task service robot use cases. The highly natural bot voices make human-machine interaction more natural.

Bot Speech

Electronic courseware, novels, and other types of text can be imported to the offline TTS engine to create audiobooks that can be listened to at any time.

Audiobook Production

TTS can quickly generate high-quality audio for voice navigation and news apps, so that users can listen to incoming voice messages while driving or walking.

Voice Broadcasting

TTS is charged by usage. All of its paid services are billed daily, which means that usage generated today will be billed and settled the next day. For pricing details, see Purchase Guide.