VooV Meeting is an efficient and reliable video conferencing service powered by Tencent that is built for collaboration. With VooV Meeting, users can schedule and join meetings anytime, anywhere, allowing remote teams to work together more efficiently, no matter how far apart they are.

Smooth HD conferencing

VooV Meeting features HD video, intelligent video noise reduction, and beauty filters to enhance your appearance.

It comes with AI-based speech enhancement and high audio fidelity processing algorithms to minimize ambient noise.

Flexible ways to join meetings

VooV Meeting allows attendees to join meetings quickly from their mobile phones, PCs, or tablets for a seamless experience across platforms.

It can be integrated with native calendar apps so you can view your scheduled meetings and receive meeting reminders.

Efficient sharing and collaboration

VooV Meeting enables real-time screen sharing from PCs and mobile devices, and watermarks are available to help ensure the security of shared data.

It features live chat messaging so attendees can discuss topics without disrupting the meeting.

Large-scale group meetings

VooV Meeting provides highly stable service for HD meetings. The Free Edition supports meetings up to 45 minutes with up to 25 attendees. The Enterprise Edition supports over 300 attendees with other valuable add-ons.

Quick one-click meetings

Instantly join, host, or manage a video or audio meeting from any location via your Mac, PC, or mobile device.

Easy screen sharing

Both the mobile and PC clients support HD screen sharing, and the PC client supports sharing of specific content. With the Enterprise Edition, you can add watermarks to shared screens sharing for better information security.

Strong meeting controls

Hosts can manage various aspects of their meetings with features such as mic control and AI-driven noise reduction.


Users can easily join meetings via PC and mobile devices. Flexible scaling options allow enterprises to host high quality online meetings efficiently.

HD screen sharing enables teachers to conduct highly interactive live online classes.

AI speech enhancement enables seamless communication during online interviews, and beauty filters allow users to look their best.


Starting from January 24, 2020, VooV Meeting continues to offer free services for online meetings with up to 300 attendees until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal is to help enterprises stay connected while working remotely.

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