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Video Moderation System
Identify pornographic, sensitive, and other inappropriate content from videos. You can configure the custom allowlist and blocklist to meet your business requirements. You can specify different policies for content with different tags and confidence, so as to reduce labor costs and improve the efficiency.
Pornographic Recognition

Recognizes pornographic, sexy, and filthy content to help live streaming and video streaming platforms reduce the labor costs.

Ad Recognition

Recognizes the content of spam ads in videos, including malicious, fraud, and prostitution ads, and supports identifying different ad variants such as symbols, icons, and stickers.

Vulgarity Detection

Recognizes filthy, vulgar, and other sexually suggestive content contained in video.


Identifies the non-compliant information in the live stream, to protect the security of platform operations.

Live Room

Scans existing and newly uploaded videos to identify non-compliant videos in time and maintain a healthy content environment.

Streaming Platform

Recognizes user shared content to automatically identifies non-compliant videos and reduce labor costs.

Communities and Forums

VM is billed in a pay-as-you-go manner. For more details, see Purchase Guide.

What types of non-compliant content can VM recognize?
How do I connect to VM?