Tencent Cloud Video on Demand (VOD) is a comprehensive audio/video solution that integrates audio/video upload, live recording, media asset management, automated transcoding, video AI, content delivery acceleration, and player SDKs.

Cloud Storage Management

Leveraging Tencent Cloud's powerful cloud storage platform, VOD provides secure and reliable cloud storage services tailored for audios and videos, such as audio/video upload, cold/hot backup storage, media asset management, video information retrieval, and origin server migration.

Professional Video Processing

VOD boasts cloud-based transcoding and processing services that can handle vast amounts of multimedia data. It can transcode audio/video files to different formats suitable for OTT services or playback on PC and mobile devices. It also offers services such as cover generating, editing, porn detection, and encryption.

Global Acceleration

Tencent Cloud has 1,100+ CDN cache nodes across China covering China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and over a dozen small and medium-sized ISPs. Outside China it has 200+ cache nodes in more than 50 countries and regions across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, supporting global acceleration of live broadcasting services.

Low Costs

VOD is billed daily or monthly on a pay-as-you-go basis with no minimum fees, so you only need to pay for what you use. Plus, it can be scaled elastically at any time according to your needs, thus greatly reducing your costs.

Statistics Analysis

VOD can visualize your file management experience via API or console. You can monitor the entire lifecycle of a video file from upload and storage to the transcoding and delivery.

Video AI

VOD can automatically tag audio/video file contents and generate covers with the optimal video frame. It can also screen the file content for pornographic, terrorism, and politically sensitive information, helping you lower labor costs and risks of incompliance.

Tencent Extreme Speed High Definition (TESHD)

Empowered by deep learning models, VOD can identify video scenes and use optimal preprocessing and codec algorithms to enhance video quality without changing the bitrate. Alternatively, it can also lower the bitrate while ensuring decent video quality.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Fueled by reinforcement learning, VOD can intelligently select the bitrate most suitable for the current network environment, ensuring smooth playback at all times.

DRM Encryption

VOD supports private protocol encryption and commercial DRM (including Widevine & FairPlay). It provides a one-stop DRM solution for content encryption, transcoding, packaging, license management, and decryption for playback to help you avoid economic losses caused by video piracy.

Audio/Video Upload

You can upload files from your local file system or via URLs or APIs. Checkpoint restart, large file upload, and multi-replica backup are supported.

Audio/Video Storage

VOD stores files across architectures and devices for remote disaster recovery and resource isolation. It features an object persistence of 99.9%, higher than the performance of traditional architectures. It also supports cold/hot backup for video file storage to meet your diverse storage needs.

Media Asset Management

VOD can visualize your video management experience via APIs or console. It offers online preview, fuzzy search, video processing task monitoring, file categorization, file tagging, transcoding, and hotlink protection. You can edit video information and export it for review.

Audio/Video Editing

With VOD, you can create audio/video clips by specifying the duration and starting point, or splicing multiple video files together. You can also customize your video processing needs into a workflow.

Porn Detection

Leveraging YouTu's DeepEye intelligent porn detection technology, VOD can identify pornographic images and videos on your video platform with a wide coverage and high accuracy, helping your platform stay away from pornographic information.

Player SDKs

VOD comes with SDKs for iOS, Android, and web players that support pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, on-screen comments for web player, player logo customization, and player password configuration.

Statistics Analysis

With the statistics collection and analysis service, you can keep track of traffic, bandwidth, and clicks by time, region, and ISP.

Encrption and DRM

VOD private protocol encryption and commercial DRM (including Widevine & FairPlay) provide a comprehensive guarantee for your content security.

Product Architecture

Tencent Cloud Video on Demand (VOD) offers a one-stop audio and video solution. You can upload source video files to our storage management platform in various ways, including local upload, URL upload, via API/Web SDK/UGSV SDK, and live recording. You can process the uploaded files with VOD’s diverse video processing services, such as multi-bitrate transcoding, screencapturing, encryption, watermarking and audit. The processed files are then delivered via Tencent Cloud's CDN nodes across the globe.


VOD provides video websites with a one-stop audio/video solution that integrates audio/video upload, transcoding, media resource management, and content delivery acceleration.

With VOD, you can record and post-edit live game broadcasting and interactive live video broadcasting sessions. Our 1,100+ CDN edge servers across China can help you deliver a smooth viewing experience for players anywhere, anytime.

VOD allows you to upload your teaching videos through the console or APIs. Your well-crafted teaching materials will be protected by three security layers: player password, blacklist/whitelist, and dynamic URL-based hotlink protection.

Unlike traditional text-image style, VOD features online editing for better content generation and faster news collection and release. With VOD, you easily expand your news coverage for your readers and audience.

VOD offers features such as quick video shooting, editing, and personalized materials such as face stickers, GIF stickers, subtitles, and filters for mobile devices. Such features enable end users to record videos, generate unique content, and share their stories in real time.


VOD offers two billing cycle options: daily or monthly. The daily billing cycle is used by default. Fees for resources used on the current day will be settled and billed the next day, and resource usage can be viewed on the console. If you wish to switch to the monthly billing cycle, please contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep.

For specific pricing details, contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep.