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Tencent Effect SDK

Tencent Effect SDK leverages Tencent’s self-developed AI capabilities and real-time effects processing to offer a wealth of services for many video processing use cases.

Tencent Effect SDK Features
Natural Makeup Effects

Built on continuously improved technologies such as image fusion, image enhancement, and delicate deformation control, Tencent Effect SDK delivers smart makeup effects in addition to real-time beautification and face shaping, allowing users to quickly switch between different natural looks.

Stable Animated Stickers

Thanks to Tencent's highly optimized imaging technology and industry-leading 3D capabilities, animated stickers accurately follow facial keypoints to deliver an immersive and interactive sticker experience.

Easy to Use

Tencent Effect SDK is available as an offline SDK. It can be flexibly integrated into CSS, UGSV, and TRTC SDKs to quickly add support for beauty filters and effects in videos.

Personalized Material Design

Tencent Effect SDK comes with many materials, templates, and dedicated tools for creating effect materials. 2D/3D stickers and makeup materials can be conveniently customized and imported into the SDK.


In live shows, e-commerce events, and other live streaming scenarios, Tencent Effect SDK boasts industry-leading 3D capabilities. Animated stickers can stably follow facial key points, easily achieving immersive sticker interactive experiences, and meeting the special effects requirements of various live streaming scenarios.

In the interactive chat scene, various special effects capabilities are used to achieve an excellent audio and video calling experience, including face shape adjustment, special effects filters, beautification and makeup, animated stickers, gesture recognition, and intelligent cutouts.

In the creative short video shooting scene, special effect filters, animated stickers, green screen keying, body retouch, and other special effect functions are used to beautify the video in real time and create unique and wonderful content.

In competitive interactive live streaming, game screen capture, and other scenarios, the integration of dynamic special effects capabilities can enhance interactivity, enrich game visuals, increase player immersion, bring more gaming fun, and better ignite event-related discussions.

In the AI camera scene, based on precise AI recognition technology, it can quickly locate facial feature positions during shooting, perform real-time skin smoothing and brightening, add filters, and naturally beautify every interesting moment in life.

In conferencing, online classrooms, and other scenarios, it is easy to change the conference background through precise portrait segmentation technology. By adding intelligent beautification, makeup, filters, and animated stickers, video conferencing can also look great.


Different facial elements, including facial features, face shape, and skin texture, can be adjusted so that users can enhance their look in both videos and photos.

Smart Beauty Filters

Tencent Effect SDK supports a rich variety of premium LUT filters for videos and photos. It enables real-time image coloring and intensity adjustment which are made outstanding with Tencent’s image enhancement technology.

Special Effect Filters

Abundant animated materials and preconfigured 2D/3D animated stickers are readily available. Effects are rendered for preview in real time to ensure a smoother user experience.

Animated Stickers

With a wide selection of trendy makeup looks, Tencent Effect SDK supports full/partial makeup effects for videos and photos. Smart makeup effects are made even more natural thanks to Tencent’s cutting-edge image fusion technology.

Natural Makeup

Faces can be keyed in real time with refined edge processing, and backgrounds can be easily customized.

Smart Segmentation
Core Technologies

Tencent Effect Open Platform

It implements stickers, beauty filters, video editing templates, and other effects for apps in the Tencent ecosystem. It provides high-performance AI capabilities through its preconfigured, proprietary, and efficient image processing framework. In addition, it has an abundance of materials to adapt to different shooting scenarios, delivering convenient out-of-the-box services for a wide range of industries.

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