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Tencent Cloud Compliance Center

Compliant with various country- and industry-specific requirements, Tencent Cloud is committed to creating secure, reliable, and trustworthy cloud services for our customers.

Global Compliance

Tencent Cloud builds the cloud services in accordance with internationally recognized standards for information security and IT management, thereby providing our customers with cloud services certified by authoritative third-party accrediting agencies.

Personal Information Protection

Tencent Cloud is committed to protecting the personal information of each customer and user by building a comprehensive personal information management system and taking various technical measures.

Tencent Cloud Whitepaper

The Tencent Cloud Security White Paper explores Tencent Cloud's security practices in multiple aspects and provides best practices and security solutions for the secure use of Tencent Cloud products.

This white paper will start with how Tencent Cloud practices privacy compliance. On the one hand, it will introduce how Tencent Cloud itself conducts privacy compliance management. On the other hand, it will introduce how Tencent Cloud can help customers meet their applicable privacy compliance obligations under the responsibility sharing model to help customers achieve greater business value.

Compliance Support

Tencent Cloud provides customers with compliance reports issued by third-party auditors who test and verify our compliance with global, regional, and industry-specific security standards and regulations. If you need a compliance report, please contact us.

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Technical Support

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