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Comprehensive Solutions for Online Learning

Whether you’re an online education company, academic or research institution, Tencent Cloud provides comprehensive and affordable solutions for various educational scenarios so that you can quickly build up your online learning platform while saving costs. We offer an end-to-end solution to digitally transform your curriculum and build your online education platform from the ground up, or various digital tools and services that can complement your existing platform to enhance the quality of your interactive online education.

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Infrastructure and Maintenance

Infrastructure and Maintenance

For educational institutions that are considering digitalization, we provide one-stop cloud computing resources and management, such as servers, databases, storage, networking, bandwidth, security, etc., to serve as the foundation for your online learning platform.

Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM)

A video conferencing tool for telecommuting. VooV Meeting is free to the public during the ongoing pandemic. Features include unlimited meeting duration and support for up to 300 participants.

GPU Cloud Computing (GCC)

Stable and elastic computing service with high-speed computing and graphics processing capabilities. Suitable for video applications such as 3D graphics processing and video decoding as well as AI scenarios such as face and speech recognition.

Cloud Block Storage (CBS)

CBS provides persistent block storage services for CVM instances. It automatically stores data in redundant copies in an availability zone to eliminate single points of failure, providing up to 99.99% data reliability.

Cloud Object Storage (COS)

A distributed storage service for unstructured data and is accessible via HTTP/HTTPS protocols. COS can store massive amounts of data and features seamless bandwidth and capacity expansion, making it suitable for storing courseware and media classroom materials. COS also comes with archive storage that is useful for storing rarely used logs and course content.

DCI and Direct Connect (DC)

Direct Connect (DC) enables you to establish a private connection between Tencent Cloud and your premises. Compared to a public network, Direct Connect is more secure and stable, while having higher bandwidth and lower latency.

Cloud Connect Network (CCN)

CCN helps you achieve cross-regional and multi-point interconnection in and outside the cloud. Its intelligent scheduling and smart learning features help you build a cost-effective, fast and stable full-mesh interconnection, meeting the network speed required for online education.


A protection service that enables users to defend against high-traffic DDoS attacks. By configuring forwarding rules, you can direct the attacking traffic to Anti-DDoS Advanced for cleansing and ensuring the stability and availability of your business.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Helps users fight security issues such as web attacks, intrusions, exploits, trojans, tampering, backdoors, crawlers and domain name hijacking. By deploying WAF, customers can redirect the threat and pressure of web attacks to the protection cluster nodes of WAF, obtaining the web business protection capabilities of Tencent Cloud in just minutes to safeguard websites and secure your online education platform.

Operational Management

Operational Management

The digital transformation that we provide is not limited to your curriculum. We also offer SaaS tools and services to help you manage your administrative processes, including program recruitment, admissions and enrollment, resource management, course scheduling and arrangement, certification system, etc., to improve the operational efficiency of your program.

Tencent Push Notification Service

Reach and engage both current users and potential leads with this efficient and effective mobile notification service.

WeChat Mini Program

Leverage WeChat Mini Program’s established ecosystem to build up your brand and create effective marketing and communications channels.

Interactive Classroom Solutions

Interactive Classroom Solutions

We offer a one-stop interactive classroom solution that delivers real-time, high-definition, interactive online education experiences through advanced audio and video products, interactive whiteboards, machine transcoding and translation, facial and voice recognition, and behavior analyses, to improve the efficiency and success of online learning.

Live Video Broadcasting (LVB)

LVB provides professional and stable live push, transcoding, distribution and playback that fully meet the requirement for low latency and high performance to sustain massive amount of concurrent requests.

Video on Demand (VOD)

VOD is the one-stop VPaaS solution that integrates audio/video upload, live recording, media asset management, automated transcoding, video AI and content delivery acceleration.

Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC)

Built upon Tencent's expertise in audio/video chat technology, TRTC leverages Tencent’s 21 years of experience in network and audio/video technologies to develop two solutions: a multi-person audio/video call solution and a low-latency interactive live streaming solution. By providing cross-platform, high-quality and real-time video communication services, TRTC allows you to build an audio/video communication platform from scratch. It supports access via WeChat Mini Program, mobile browser, app, PC, etc.

VooV Meeting

Enterprise-level video conferencing tool for telecommuting and enabling online collaboration while working remotely. Features include unlimited meeting duration and support for up to 300 participants. A rich set of meeting controls help educators maintain classroom orderliness and meetings can be locked for additional security.

Media Processing Services

MPS is a cloud-based multimedia transcoding and processing service that can perform adaptive transcoding on demand for audio and video files. It also includes additional features such as watermarking, intelligent cover generating and smart editing to support easy creation of pre-recorded course materials.

Smart Teaching Tools

Smart Teaching Tools

We offer a variety of AI-powered teaching aids that can save time and increase efficiency. Based on Tencent’s leading deep learning technologies, our voice and text recognition products and machine translation capabilities can perform a variety of automated tasks for various educational scenarios such as voice-to-text notes or speech synthesis, intelligently grading and correcting homework assignments or exams, providing content filtering and moderation, or assisting foreign language learning.

Instant Messaging (IM)

Supports various message types such as text, stickers, images, voice, geographic locations, files and custom messages. The number of groups can reach as high as a hundred million with 10,000 members in each group. Together with complete group management features, the service can satisfy various group chat requirements. It also supports self-owned and third-party account login systems (independent mode or hosting mode) and has a complete profile relationship chain service system, as well as value-added services such as message sync, message roaming, PSTN voice communication and text/voice SMS service.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Based on the world's leading deep learning technology of Tencent Utop Labs, OCR provides high-precision text recognition services for a diverse set of use cases. OCR supports the intelligent identification of printed, handwritten, or text in images, converts it into editable text, and provides customized services that can effectively replace the manual entry of information.

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