• Multi-Cloud Alignment

    Easy cloud portability from your current global deployment with minimal change.

  • Ecosystem

    Integrate into China’s digital ecosystem with a leading company that boasts a 98% reach within China’s internet user base.

  • Compliance

    Secure the proper ICP licensing to use cloud services in China with our help.

  • Support

    We provide US/global support for multi-national corporations.

One Stop China Cloud Enterprise Solution

  • 1. Strategic Engagement
  • 2. China Guidance
  • 3. Technical Consultation
  • 4. Proof of Concept and Deployment


Hybrid Cloud

Direct Connect

Tencent Cloud Direct Connect (DC) enables you to connect your corporate IDC with Tencent Cloud more conveniently by establishing a private connection that is completely isolated from public networks.

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Tencent Cloud VPN Connections is a service that connects your enterprise IDC with Tencent Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) through IPsec encrypted tunnels. It provides secure and reliable encrypted communication and allows for remote disaster recovery and hybrid cloud deployment easily.

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VPC Peering

Intra Region Peering

Tencent Cloud VPC peering connection is a cross-VPC network interconnection service for office data synchronization that allows VPC IPs to route traffic between peer VPCs as if they belong to the same network.

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Inter Region Peering

Cross-region interconnections include: VPC cross-region interconnections (the cross-region peering connections) and basic network cross-region interconnections (you need to submit a Ticket to apply for it).

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Cloud Migration Service

Cloud Migration Service consolidates a few migration tools and provides one monitoring service. The service enables convenient and smooth migration of your services and data from other cloud providers and local data center.

Tencent Cloud Database Migration Service

Tencent’s Data Transmission service for DataBase helps clients migrate various databases to Tencent Cloud safely and securely without service interruption.

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Tencent Cloud Virtual Machine Migration Service

Cloud Virtual Machine migration service allows clients to migrate both OS, application disk & data disks to Tencent Cloud.

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Tencent Cloud Migration Service Platform

A service platform integrating multiple migration tools and solutions for quick and convenient system migration.

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WeChat Integration

Based on the rich experiences accumulated from Tencent's massive business, we provide exclusive and customized products and services for WeChat service providers.

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Tencent Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a platform specialized in providing one-stop intelligent security protection services for websites. WAF protects websites' system security and business security through multidimensional defense policies that include web intrusion prevention, zero-day vulnerability patching, malicious access penalty, etc.

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Tencent Cloud Anti-DDoS Dayu is a security product developed by Tencent Cloud for DDoS attacks, providing a complete anti-DDoS solution covering various scenarios.

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Tencent Cloud Host Security (HS) offers various security protection services such as intrusion detection and vulnerability monitoring.

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Tencent Cloud Mobile Security (MS) provides users with a one-stop security solution for the entire lifecycle of mobile applications (APPs). It covers application hardening, security assessment, compatibility testing, piracy monitoring, crash monitoring, security components and other services.

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Tencent Cloud has Cloud products customized for games to satisfy your business needs. You can use Tencent Cloud services that have been customized for the game industry to speed up the growth of your games and manage them with ease.

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Tencent Cloud Game Multimedia Engine (GME) provides a one-stop gaming voice solution. Featuring in-depth optimization for different gaming scenarios and types such as casual, social, MOBA, MMORPG and FPS, it supports multi-player voice chat, 3D location voice, voice messaging and speech to text conversion and can be easily accessed with a simple SDK, helping meet a wide variety of gaming voice needs.

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Aegis Anti-DDoS

Tencent Cloud Aegis Anti-DDoS is a specialized and effective protection against DDoS attacks at the Tbps level to ensure business continuity.

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Tencent Cloud Global Applications Acceleration Platform (GAAP) is a stable high-speed network connection between server and client that eliminates the stutters and latency experienced by global users when accessing businesses

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Web Hosting

Tencent Cloud provides a One-Stop Website Setup Services for all your web hosting needs. Tencent Cloud provides exclusive products customized for website setup customers.

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