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Data Security and Information Protection
Tencent Cloud China provides a comprehensive data security solution which aims to help foreign enterprises expanding their business into China address issues related to cloud data security governance, meet China Cybersecurity Classified Protection compliance requirements, and improve their data privacy protection capabilities.

With the rapid development of new technologies, data is growing at an explosive rate, and data security and privacy protection issues are becoming increasingly complex. Enterprise data security faces challenges in various aspects, including data governance as well as complex and costly data security implementation.

The Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law of China entered into force on September 1 and November 1, 2021, respectively. They further specify the rights and obligations with respect to personal information processing activities by establishing stricter legal liability, stricter governance of enterprise data processing activities, and stricter legal requirements for the protection of data security and personal information. Foreign enterprises expanding their business into China will be required to abide by such laws in resolving data-related disputes, and the importance of compliance for enterprises conducting data-related business activities cannot be overstated.

Pain Points and Challenges


  • Incomplete list of data assets
  • Lack of data classification and grading
  • Poor identification of data security risks


  • Lack of effective technical measures to identify and monitor data activities
  • Inability to detect data breaches
  • Insufficient data security measures when using new technologies such as big data, leading to severe risks


  • Lack of precise data access control
  • Lack of effective data masking measures
  • Chaotic data access control policies in different environments


  • Lack of measures to locate and track violations/risks and collect evidence
  • Lack of measures to trace abnormal operations

Solution Objectives

Based on requirements for data security governance and data classification and grading, and in view of the data flow characteristics of various business systems, Tencent Cloud’s data security solution aims to help enterprises implement measures such as trusted data access, data encryption, data masking, authentication and authorization, and data operation auditing at all stages throughout the lifecycle of data. These measures aim to make data visible, manageable, and secure, and facilitate stable and reliable business operations as detailed below:

(1) Data visibility

(2) Data risk controllability for improved overall security performance

(3) Data manageability throughout the data lifecycle

Solution Framework

Tencent Cloud China provides some security solutions which aims to help enterprises comply with Chinese regulations.

Data Security Solution

The “layered and decoupled” data security capability model consists of three layers: data security service, data security management center, and data security protection capability.

Data Security Service
  • Identifies vulnerabilities in corporate information security and provides information security consulting services.
  • Provides consulting services for corporate information security planning and management based on specific security needs in accordance with Chinese policies and information security standards

Data security solution consulting

Data security management consulting

Data security standards and specifications consulting

Data Security Management Center

Tencent Cloud China’s Data Security Center (DSC) is a data security operations platform that integrates the discovery, classification, and grading of sensitive data with data mapping and abnormal data access analysis. It automatically organizes your cloud data assets and performs classification, grading, and security risk assessment. It works with various Tencent Cloud security capabilities to provide closed-loop data security protection and helps you improve the effectiveness of your security.

Data Security Capabilities

Tencent Cloud China offers diverse security products that cover the entire lifecycle of data assets to help enterprises implement data security plans more effectively.

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