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LVB Recording Solution

LVB recording provides a complete set of convenient and stable live stream recording services ranging from live streaming and recording to processing and distribution, readily satisfying your diverse needs in various scenarios such as ecommerce, game, and education live streaming.

Efficient Live Streaming and Stable Recording
  • Multi-format support in varying use cases: relying on the high-performance service cluster of Tencent Cloud LVB, LVB recording offers different recording schemes to generate recording files in HLS, FLV, MP4, and AAC formats for easier and quicker playback, processing, and distribution.

  • Powerful media asset processing capabilities: leveraging the flexible media asset management and processing capabilities of VOD, LVB recording can edit, remux, and transcode recorded videos in batches, providing a full range of on-demand media asset processing and distribution services.

  • Favorable recording billing mode: LVB recording is billed by the monthly number of valid days, which helps effectively reduce recording costs while eliminating the inconvenience of local recording management and delivering an excellent user experience.

On-cloud Recording and Distribution

LVB recording provides a comprehensive solution from live recording to on-demand production to content distribution, helping you quickly build the capability to record and distribute live content.

Flexible Recording Methods

LVB recording supports varying recording methods in multiple use cases, including recording by domain name, stream name, and specified time period, real-time recording, and pure audio recording.

Diversified Recording Parameters

LVB recording allows creating recording configuration templates for different scenarios and binding them to different push domain names and stream names for flexible recording configuration management.

Video Production and Distribution Capabilities

Based on the audio and video processing capabilities of Tencent Cloud VOD, LVB recording makes possible quick production, editing, and distribution of video content.

LVB Recording Solution


An integrated solution for on-cloud recording, content production, and video distribution.


  • LVB recording provides diversified push services through mobile live streaming, PC live streaming, and video capturing devices, making the push service much easier to use and improving the availability of live streaming.
  • LVB recording features powerful video delivery acceleration capabilities with over 1,100 high-quality CDN cache nodes, helping ensure that live streaming and video playback are free of lags and delays.
  • LVB recording supports multiple flexible recording methods, making it suitable for different recording scenarios.
  • Based on Tencent Cloud's powerful audio and video processing capabilities, LVB recording integrates multi-terminal playback with Tencent's content ecosystem to help your content reach users more efficiently and stably.

Game live streaming

The interconnection between the MLVB SDK and the LVB service helps game live streaming platforms quickly gain the capabilities of low-latency lag-free live streaming.

Radio, TV, and Media

LVB recording features video splitting, transcoding, and clipping, which help traditional media transform to internet media much easier and improve the production efficiency.

Online Education

LVB recording can be used through the convenient console and diverse APIs. In combination with superplayer and hotlink protection, it can fully protect the security of well-crafted teaching materials and assets.

Ecommerce Live Streaming

LVB recording helps with the growth of ecommerce platforms by enabling merchants to better advertise their goods and assisting consumers in making informed decisions, ultimately reducing marketing costs and boosting sales.

Integration Process
Sign up for a Tencent Cloud account

Configure a template

Bind and initiate live streaming

Get the recording file

Process and distribute the video

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