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Smart Retail China Connect
Smart Retail China Connect is a one-stop solution to help you build a private traffic platform in China and connect with Tencent's public traffic to increase your brand exposure and revenue.
Smart Retail China Connect Solution

Tencent Cloud provides a one-stop Smart Retail China Connect Solution that covers a complete set of services, including Weixin Mini Program mall development, listing on Tencent Huiju marketplace, consumer lead generation, mall platform operations, user management, marketing and data analysis, and aftersales customer service. This solution assists you in connecting with the huge traffic pool of Chinese consumers, promoting customer conversion, and increasing brand awareness and sales.

Together with our partners, Tencent Cloud can help businesses enter the Chinese market seamlessly. With Tencent’s global ecosystem resources, businesses can successfully create their own private traffic platform in China.

Why Tencent Cloud?

Tencent has the largest public traffic pool among the Chinese consumers around the world, with Tencent Social Ads being the biggest advertising platform in China. Based on Tencent's top-notch product capabilities and ecosystem resources accumulated in the Chinese market over the years, Tencent Cloud furnishes the Smart Retail China Connect Solution to help companies connect with the traffic generated by Chinese consumers.


Weixin is not only an excellent communication and social app, but also a lifestyle that over 1 billion users around the globe cannot live without it. With Weixin, you can keep in touch with your friends through text, voice, video, and emoji, get massive amounts of high-quality information and services from millions of Official Accounts and Mini Programs, fight side by side with your friends in the world of Weixin games, and experience the convenience of life brought by Weixin Pay's world-leading mobile payment service.


Symbolized by a little penguin wearing a red scarf, QQ is currently available on major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Linux. It has a diversity of features such as online chat, video call, file transfer, file sharing, online file storage, custom panel, and QQMail that work well on diverse types of communication terminals.

Tencent Social Ads

Tencent Social Ads sustains the advertising services of multiple top social networking platforms with billions of users, including Weixin, QQ, and Qzone, as well as rich advertising scenarios such as QQ browser, Tencent News, Tencent Video, and third-party applications. It enables advertisers to reach targeted users precisely and delivers an innovative native advertising experience for brand and business marketing.

Solution Architecture

Tencent Cloud provides a one-stop solution for smart retail in the Chinese market, which offers ecommerce Weixin Mini Program development, store operations on ecommerce platforms, customer attraction, online mall operations, customer management, marketing, data analysis, and aftersales services to engage Chinese consumers with your brand, facilitate deal closures, and boost your sales.

Establishing Private Traffic Platforms
Customer Attraction

Tencent has the world's largest public traffic pool and reaches Chinese consumers globally. You can use multiple Tencent channels such as Tencent resources, Weixin Moments (timeline), Weixin Official Account, Tencent Ads, and Weixin Pay to find new customers.

Purchase Stimulation

Stimulate purchases through hotspots, articles, favorites, bookmarks, topics on the homepage, KOL promotions, and setting exclusive push content for each user, etc.

Conversion and Retention

Member channel, targeted marketing, and AI customer service.

Methods such as marketing, incentive marketing, and AI customer service are employed to promote customer conversion.


The solution features various marketing means such as group buying, special offers, flash sales, friend invitation, membership points reward upon purchase, vouchers, live shopping on Weixin Mini Program, which helps you increase your brand awareness through sharing, membership points program, and influencer marketing. It also enables you to accurately identify customer/member preferences based on data analysis and then carry out targeted marketing.

Smart Retail China Connect Consulting Services

Smart Retail China Connect Consulting Services

To learn more about Smart Retail China Connect Solution, please contact us directly.

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Success Stories
Premier Anti-Aging

DUO Brand Launch in China


Tencent Cloud provides construction and operations services for "cross-border e-commerce private traffic ecosystem", which helps DUO enhance its brand awareness in the Chinese market, achieve sales targets, and efficiently increase sales.


Leveraging Tencent's global ecosystem resources, Tencent Cloud helps DUO improve its brand marketing efficiency in China and successfully build its own Chinese private traffic platform.

Customer Feedback

"We have been in the cosmetics market with the idea of enriching people's life through anti-aging skin care products since 2009. In recent years, we have received increasing attention from overseas customers, and we have been endeavoring to achieve our goal of actively developing overseas markets, mainly in China. With the aid of highly reliable security technical support provided by Tencent Cloud, we are now more well-suited to meet the needs of Chinese consumers for cosmetic products," commented Mr. Matsura Kiyoshi, chairman and CEO of Premier Anti-Aging.

Services Used
  • Weixin Channels, Weixin Official Account, Weixin Mini Program, Group Chat, WeCom Customer Service
  • Marketing: Tencent CloudMall, Tencent YouQun
  • Data analysis: Analysis cloud (CDP), Tencent YouShu
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