tencent cloud

Website Solution

Create your website quickly and allow you to deliver websites and website applications

Flexible Configuration and Elastic Scaling

Scale the CVMs and bandwidth quickly on a settle-by-day basis, and back up massive resources in real time

Quick Deployment and Setup of Website

Provide a rich set of templates and packages to help build your website quickly and provide quality service support

Secure & Worry-free Operation

Use the smart domain name resolution and multiple security protection systems to secure your website

All-round Services

Enjoy free ICP filing and 24/7 technical support, and all your issues will be addressed

One-Stop Website Setup Services for All Your Needs
Troubleshooting Solutions

Server Selection and Pay-per-use Billing

Your server configuration is based on various factors like business type, expected user visits, data storage etc. We can recommend suitable configurations for you to help you effectively control costs.

CDN Website Acceleration Service

If your website holds a large amount of static resources, or has to support various file downloads, users' access speed will be affected as the website expands. This can be addressed through CDN services.

Massive Data Storage

If your website generates massive amounts of data like images, audios or videos, our COS service offers you stable and secure data storage with unlimited capacity expansion.