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AI-based Sample Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreatePersonSample Creates samples
CreateWordSamples Creates keyword samples
DeletePersonSample Deletes samples
DeleteWordSamples Deletes keyword samples
DescribePersonSamples Gets the list of samples
DescribeWordSamples Gets keyword sample list
ModifyPersonSample Modifies samples
ModifyWordSample Modifies keyword sample

Domain name management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateVodDomain Adds an acceleration domain name to VOD
DeleteVodDomain Deletes an acceleration domain name from VOD
DescribeCdnLogs Queries CDN log download link list
DescribeVodDomains Queries the list of VOD domain names
ModifyVodDomainAccelerateConfig Enables or disables the acceleration region of a domain names on VOD
ModifyVodDomainConfig Modifies domain name settings

Parameter Template APIs

API Name Feature
CreateTranscodeTemplate Creates a transcoding template
CreateWatermarkTemplate Creates a watermarking template
CreateSnapshotByTimeOffsetTemplate Creates a time point screencapturing template
CreateSampleSnapshotTemplate Creates a sampled screencapturing template
CreateImageSpriteTemplate Creates an image sprite generating template
CreateAnimatedGraphicsTemplate Creates an animated image generating template
CreateAdaptiveDynamicStreamingTemplate Creates adaptive bitrate streaming template
CreateContentReviewTemplate Creates intelligent video content recognition templates
CreateAIRecognitionTemplate Creates video content recognition template
CreateAIAnalysisTemplate Creates a video content analysis template
ModifyTranscodeTemplate Modifies a transcoding template
ModifyWatermarkTemplate Modifies a watermarking template
ModifySnapshotByTimeOffsetTemplate Modifies a time point screencapturing template
ModifySampleSnapshotTemplate Modifies a sampled screencapturing template
ModifyImageSpriteTemplate Modifies an image sprite generating template
ModifyAnimatedGraphicsTemplate Modifies an animated image generating template
ModifyAdaptiveDynamicStreamingTemplate Modifies adaptive bitrate streaming template
ModifyContentReviewTemplate Modifies intelligent video content recognition templates
ModifyAIRecognitionTemplate Modifies video content recognition template
ModifyAIAnalysisTemplate Modifies a video content analysis template
DescribeTranscodeTemplates Gets the list of transcoding templates
DescribeWatermarkTemplates Gets the list of watermarking templates
DescribeSnapshotByTimeOffsetTemplates Gets the list of time point screencapturing templates
DescribeSampleSnapshotTemplates Gets the list of sampled screencapturing templates
DescribeImageSpriteTemplates Gets the list of image sprite generating templates
DescribeAnimatedGraphicsTemplates Gets the list of animated image generating templates
DescribeAdaptiveDynamicStreamingTemplates Gets the list of transcoding to adaptive bitrate streaming templates
DescribeContentReviewTemplates Gets intelligent video content recognition templates
DescribeAIRecognitionTemplates Gets the list of video content recognition templates
DescribeAIAnalysisTemplates Gets the list of video content analysis templates
DeleteTranscodeTemplate Deletes transcoding template
DeleteWatermarkTemplate Deletes a watermarking template
DeleteSnapshotByTimeOffsetTemplate Deletes a specified time point screencapturing template
DeleteSampleSnapshotTemplate Deletes a sampled screencapturing template
DeleteImageSpriteTemplate Deletes an image sprite generating template
DeleteAnimatedGraphicsTemplate Deletes an animated image generating template
DeleteAdaptiveDynamicStreamingTemplate Deletes adaptive bitrate streaming template
DeleteContentReviewTemplate Deletes intelligent video content recognition templates
DeleteAIRecognitionTemplate Deletes a video content recognition template
DeleteAIAnalysisTemplate Deletes a video content analysis template

Media Processing APIs

API Name Feature
ProcessMedia Processes a video
ProcessMediaByProcedure Processes a video with a task flow template
ComposeMedia Composes a video
ExtractTraceWatermark Extracts the user ID of a user that distributed a video containing a digital watermark
RemoveWatermark Removes watermarks from a video
ReviewAudioVideo Starts a moderation task

API Name Feature
CreateSuperPlayerConfig Creates a player configuration
DescribeSuperPlayerConfigs Queries player configurations
ModifySuperPlayerConfig Modifies a player configuration
DeleteSuperPlayerConfig Deletes a player configuration

Other APIs

API Name Feature
ProcessMediaByUrl Processes a video at a specified URL
AttachMediaSubtitles Associates subtitles with a media file
CreateSubAppId Creates subapplication
DescribeSubAppIds Queries the list of subapplications
ExecuteFunction Runs a custom API
LiveRealTimeClip Clips a live streaming
ModifySubAppIdInfo Modifies subapplication information
ModifySubAppIdStatus Changes subapplication status
SimpleHlsClip Performs simple HLS clipping

Distribution APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDrmKeyProviderInfo Queries DRM key information
PushUrlCache Prefetches URLs
RefreshUrlCache Purges URLs
SetDrmKeyProviderInfo Configures DRM key information

Media Categorization APIs

API Name Feature
CreateClass Creates category
DeleteClass Deletes category
DescribeAllClass Gets all categories
ModifyClass Modifies category

Region Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateStorageRegion Enables storage in a region
DescribeStorageRegions Queries storage regions
ModifyDefaultStorageRegion Sets the default storage region

Event Notification APIs

API Name Feature
ConfirmEvents Confirms event notifications
PullEvents Pulls event notifications

Task Flow APIs

API Name Feature
CreateProcedureTemplate Creates a task flow template
DescribeProcedureTemplates Gets the list of task flow templates
ResetProcedureTemplate Resets a task flow
DeleteProcedureTemplate Deletes a task flow template

Statistics APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeCDNStatDetails Queries CDN statistics of VOD domain names
DescribeCDNUsageData Queries CDN usage data of VOD
DescribeClientUploadAccelerationUsageData Queries the usage of client upload acceleration
DescribeDailyPlayStatFileList Queries the download list of playback statistics files
DescribeImageReviewUsageData Queries image recognition usage
DescribeLicenseUsageData Queries playback license requests
DescribeMediaPlayStatDetails Queries the playback statistics of a media file at the specified granularity
DescribeMediaProcessUsageData Queries video processing usage statistics
DescribeReviewDetails Queries intelligent content recognition details
DescribeStorageData Queries current storage usage
DescribeStorageDetails Queries storage capacity usage details

Media Management APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteMedia Deletes media file
DescribeMediaInfos Gets media details
ForbidMediaDistribution Forbids a media file
ModifyMediaInfo Modifies media file attribute
ModifyMediaStorageClass Modifies the storage class of media files
RestoreMedia Restores media files
SearchMedia Searches for media information

Task Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeTaskDetail Queries task details
DescribeTasks Gets task list
ManageTask Task management

Media Upload APIs

API Name Feature
ApplyUpload Applies for upload
CommitUpload Confirms upload
ParseStreamingManifest Parses video index file
PullUpload Pulls a video




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