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Managing Bandwidth

Last updated: 2021-11-03 18:21:44

    For a pay-as-you-go CCN instance billed by monthly 95th percentile, you can view its bandwidth cap and change the bandwidth limit type in the console.


    Viewing the Bandwidth of Pay-as-you-go CCN Instances Billed by Monthly 95th Percentile

    1. Log in to the CCN console and access the CCN management page.

    2. On the CCN instance list page, lick the ID/Name of the target pay-as-you-go CCN instance to enter its details page. Click the Bandwidth Management tab.
      This tab displays the bandwidth cap of the current bandwidth limit type.

      • Inter-region bandwidth limit
      • Region outbound bandwidth limit
    3. (Optional) Change the bandwidth limit type.

      1. Click Change on the right of Speed limit mode.

      2. Select a bandwidth limit type from the drop-down list in the pop-up window.


        Changing the bandwidth limit type will delete existing configurations. The bandwidth cap will be set to 1 Gbps by default. If you require a higher bandwidth, please submit a ticket.

        Bandwidth Limit Description
        Region bandwidth out The outbound bandwidth cap of a single region to other regions
        Inter-region bandwidth The inbound and outbound bandwidth cap between regions
      3. Click OK.

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