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Last updated: 2022-01-14 14:30:41

    Numeric Functions

    Function Name Feature Example Result
    abs Returns an absolute value abs(-1024) 1024
    ceil Rounds up ceil(5.1) 6
    floor Rounds down floor(4.9) 4
    log Calculates a logarithm log(16, 2) 4
    pow Calculates an exponential power pow(3,2) 9
    max Returns the maximum value max(12,54,3) 54
    min Returns the minimum value min(12, 54, 3) 3

    String Functions

    Function Name Feature Example Result
    chomp Removes newline characters at the end of a string chomp("hello\n") "hello"
    format Formats a string format("Hello, %s!", "Ander") "Hello, Ander!"
    lower Converts a string to lowercase letters lower("HELLO") "hello"
    upper Converts a string to uppercase letters upper("hello") "HELLO"
    join Concatenates a string list by using a specified delimiter join(", ", ["foo", "bar", "baz"]) "foo, bar, baz"
    replace Replaces specified characters in a string replace("1 + 2 + 3", "+", "-") "1 - 2 - 3"

    For more information on functions, see Built-in Functions.

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