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Deleting a conversation

Last updated: 2022-01-14 17:51:38

    Feature Description

    This API is used to delete a conversation. It can also clear roaming messages.

    API Calling Description

    Sample request URL


    Request parameters

    The following table only describes the modified parameters when this API is called. For more information on other parameters, please see RESTful API Overview.

    Parameter Description
    https The request protocol is HTTPS, and the request method is POST.
    xxxxxx Domain name corresponding to the country/region where your SDKAppID is located.
  • China: console.tim.qq.com
  • Singapore: adminapisgp.im.qcloud.com
  • Seoul: adminapikr.im.qcloud.com
  • Frankfurt: adminapiger.im.qcloud.com
  • India: adminapiind.im.qcloud.com
  • v4/recentcontact/delete Request API
    sdkappid SDKAppID assigned by the IM console when an app is created
    identifier App admin account. For more information, please see the App Admin section in Login Authentication.
    usersig Signature generated in the app admin account. For details on how to generate the signature, please see Generating UserSig.
    random A random 32-bit unsigned integer ranging from 0 to 4294967295
    contenttype Request format. The value is always json.

    Maximum call frequency

    200 calls per second

    Sample request


    Request fields

    Field Type Required Description
    From_Account String Yes UserID of the account for which to delete a conversation
    Type Integer Yes Conversation type. 1: one-to-one conversation; 2: group conversation
    To_Account String Yes UserID of the other user in the conversation to be deleted
    ClearRamble Integer No Whether to clear roaming messages. 1: yes; 0: no

    Sample response

      "ActionStatus": "OK",
      "ErrorCode": 0,
      "ErrorInfo": "",
      "ErrorDisplay": ""

    Response fields

    Field Type Description
    ActionStatus String The request result. OK: successful. FAIL: failed.
    ErrorCode Integer Error code. 0: successful; other values: failed. For details on non-zero results, please see Error Codes.
    ErrorInfo String Detailed error message
    ErrorDisplay String Detailed information displayed on the client

    Error Codes

    The returned HTTP status code for this API is always 200 unless a network error (such as error 502) occurs. The specific error code and details can be found in the response fields ResultCode, ResultInfo, ErrorCode, and ErrorInfo.
    For public error codes (60000 to 79999), please see Error Codes.
    The following table describes the error codes specific to this API:

    Error Code Description
    50001 The requested UserID has not been imported into the Tencent Cloud IM backend. Please import.
    50002 Incorrect request parameter. Check your request according to the error description.
    50003 The request requires app admin permissions.
    50004 Internal server error. Please try again.
    50005 Network timeout. Try again later.

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