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Last updated: 2022-09-06 10:51:04

    Integration Preparations

    • Sign up for a Tencent Cloud account and log in to the FaceID console to activate the service.
    • Download the latest SDK.
    • Download the license.

    Terms and Definitions

    • Customer APP: An app developed by a customer
    • Customer Server: The business backend of a customer
    • Tencent Cloud API: The backend APIs provided by Tencent Cloud and used to obtain the face recognition credentials and the results
    • SDK: The SDK provided by Tencent Cloud for Android or iOS, which is used to integrate the customer apps and start the face recognition together with backend APIs.

    Sequence Diagram (Simplified)

    Major roles involved are as shown below:
    Figure 1

    Backend APIs: GenerateReflectSequence and DetectReflectLivenessAndCompare

    Sequence Diagram (Detailed)

    In the real case, you need to input the URLs to the backend APIs. For use instructions and causes, see Passing Resources.
    CreateUploadUrl serves as an independent role in the diagram
    Figure 2
    Backend APIs: GenerateReflectSequence, DetectReflectLivenessAndCompare, and CreateUploadUrl

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