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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-06-21 17:15:26

    Tencent Cloud Elastic Microservice (TEM) will be commertialized from July 18, 2022 at 10:00:00 (UTC+8). You can check your bills in Billing Center. For the billing mode and billing cycles, please see below.

    Billing Mode

    TEM is a pay-as-you-go service.

    You are billed according to the actual resource usage. No upfront payment is required. The costs generated by resource consumption will be automatically deducted from your Tencent Cloud account according to the settlement cycle.

    Billable Items and Periods

    The service fees of TEM include the environment fee and application fee. The application fee contains two parts, CPU and MEM.

    Billing periods:

    • Environment fee: Starts billing when the environment is created successfully, and ends when the environment is terminated.
    • Application fee: Starts billing when the instance resource is assigned and it’s ready to load the application image, and ends when the instance stops running.

    For detailed pricing, see TEM Pricing.

    Billing Cycle

    TEM service is billed per minute. The usage period less than one minute is counted as one minute.

    Settlement Cycle

    TEM service is settled on an hourly basis. The spend of the previous cycle is deducted from your account every hour.

    Other products used by TEM, such as CFS, COS, and CLS, will be billed according to their respective billing rules.

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