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    See Application Programming Interface.


    Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is to convert the lexical content of human speeches into computer-readable input, such as keystrokes, binary codes, or character sequences. It is different from "speaker recognition" or "speaker confirmation" that recognizes or confirms speaking humans rather than words, phrases, or sentences contained in speeches.

    Bit Depth

    Bit depth is to quantify the amplitude of the sample. The bit depth of the audio to be recognized can be up to 16 bits.


    Queries per second (QPS) measures the concurrent requests processed per second. 1 QPS means that the API processes 1 request per second, and 50 QPS means that the API processes 50 requests per second.


    A software development kit (SDK) is a collection of development tools used by software engineers to create application software for specific software packages, software frameworks, hardware platforms, and operating systems.


    Channels refers to the number of sound channels, generally including mono-channel and dual-channel. The one-sentence speech recognition and real-time speech recognition services only support mono-channel audios currently, while the recording file recognition service supports both mono-channel and dual-channel audios.

    Application Programming Interface

    Application programming interface (API) refers to the code that a software system provides for an application to call.
    Developers can call a set of functional APIs without having to consider the underlying source code or understand the internal working mechanisms.
    API includes Windows API and Linux API. The APIs provided by Tencent Cloud IMS generally refer to Linux API.

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