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Import or Associate External Repository

Last updated: 2022-03-30 11:04:13

    Open Project

    1. Log in to the CODING Console and click the team domain name to go to CODING.
    2. Click in the upper-right corner to open the project list page and click a project icon to open the corresponding project.
    3. In the menu on the left, select Code Repositories.
    4. If Code Repositories is not shown on the left, the project admin needs to go to Project Settings > Projects and Members > Functions to enable the relevant function.

    Import External Code Repositories

    CODING-CR provides a quick import function for external open-source repositories and allows you to sync code with external repositories at regular intervals. When creating a code repository, select Import External Repository and enter the URL of the open-source Git repository to import.

    You can sync the repository with the source repository and the changes made in CODING will be overwritten. You can change the sync frequency or disable auto sync in the repository settings.

    Associate a Code Repository

    The Associate Repository function allows you to temporarily store the credentials used to access an external repository in CODING. When using Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment, you can directly use the third-party repository as a code source without repeated migration.

    GitHub, GitLab, private GitLab, Gitee, TGit, and common Git repositories can be associated with CODING repositories. These five repository types support OAuth verification. Common Git repositories support account password verification. After association, repository code will not be stored in the CODING repository.

    Associate a private GitLab repository

    To associate a private GitLab repository, you must create an application in GitLab and then the team admin must bind the private GitLab service. For details, see Bind Private GitLab.

    Associate a GitLab SaaS repository

    To associate a GitLab SaaS repository, Select GitLab as the code source on the Associate Code Repository page. Then, click Verify Now to go to the GitLab Authorization page and click Authorize to complete authorization. After successful authorization, select the code repository to associate.

    Associate a GitHub repository

    On the Associate Code Repository page, select the GitHub code source and click Verify Now to go to GitHub for OAuth authorization. If authorization fails, this may be because you did not enter your username in GitHub. In this case, go to Settings > Profile > Name and enter your username.

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