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Last updated: 2022-03-03 02:47:36

    What Is CODING Artifact Repository?

    As a sub-product of CODING DevOps, CODING Artifact Repository (CODING-AR) is used to manage artifacts generated after source code compilation, including Docker, Maven, Helm, npm packages, and other popular artifacts. It offers centralized version control with the source code and seamlessly integrates with local build tools and continuous integration/deployment in the cloud. With vulnerability scanning and other convenient features, it aims to deliver an efficient artifact management service to help development teams control artifact quality.


    Dependency storage

    CODING-AR can be used to run and store private components or intermediate artifacts in the software development process for efficient collaboration on components across development teams.

    Artifact repository quality control

    CODING-AR supports artifact vulnerability scanning which can be integrated with test management and bug management to record the bugs of artifacts and control their quality.

    Application distribution

    CODING-AR is designed for application distribution. Users can download both software and container images quickly over our fast pre-built global network.

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